Ending's Festivities

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Ending's Festivities.

   Hi, I'm EndingSoon and this is my first mod, which is designed around Christmas. The mod includes a custom set of tools with a candy cane theme, a custom set of armour with a santa outfit theme, a custom villager, custom foodstuffs, and custom mob/block drops.

     Technical stuff: -Arthropod mobs have a 20% chance of dropping a red candy.

                                 -Undead mobs have a 20% chance of dropping white candy.

                                 -Cherry leaves have a 20% chance of dropping cherries.

                                 -Presents are the workstation for the Festive Villager which trades the santa armour.

                                 -Christmas Puddings can be crafted using 4x sugar, 1x wheat, 1x milk bucket, and 1x cherries.

                                 -Candy Canes can be crafted using 2x red candy and 2x white candy.



If you like the mod then please share it around and tell others, and have a Merry Christmas!


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Ending'sFestivitiesMod.jar - Ending's Festivities Mod for 1.20.1Uploaded on: 11/19/2023 - 17:32   File size: 66.7 KB