From the Nightmare

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Requires Geckolib

This mod adds a new monster called Predator. 
The monster comes from nightmares and is here to hunt you. 
You have to survive it.
The mob appears at night to spy on you from afar, 
and during the day it disappears creating the Void Portal beneath it.

The monster gets angry when:
-you are hungry
-you stare at him

When he gets angry he chases you until the end of the 45 seconds,
always trying to jumpscare you.

He can break weaker blocks, such: 
-the wooden doors
-the wooden trapdoors
-the leaves
-the gates
-the fences
-the windows (both panes and blocks)

Predator cannot appear if you are in creative.

The Void Guardian appare while you sleep.

But it isn't all. More monsters going to appear at the night...


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Modification files
FromTheNightmare1.0.0.jar - Forge 45.1.0Uploaded on: 02/22/2024 - 16:16   File size: 4.32 MB
FromTheNightmare1.0.1.jar - Forge 45.1.0Uploaded on: 02/22/2024 - 17:12   File size: 4.32 MB
FromTheNightmare1.0.2.jar - Forge 45.2.0Uploaded on: 02/22/2024 - 18:51   File size: 4.32 MB
FromTheNightmare1.1.0.jar - Froge 45.2.0Uploaded on: 04/04/2024 - 16:04   File size: 4.49 MB

1.1.0 Fixed a lot of things, added Void Dimension and Void Guardian

1.0.2 Added Forge version 45.2.0 

1.0.1 Added countdown for the hunt time

1.0.0 The mod has been created