Project CD: Avoid | Coming soon

Published by JustGameIn on Fri, 10/30/2015 - 21:13
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In development
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The alpha version of this mod will be released this summer. This will no longer be an uncompleted project of mine. The description will also be updates to my brand new design and also my new website. Please go to for more information.

Modification files - All my downloads are located on my website http://justgameinmods.weebly.com428 bytes

Thanks for downloading and rating my mod. Please leave a review in the description.

nice mod! ive got an idea called the great adventure mod but I don't now if I should make it!

An update is coming including something deadly and a new way to get into the dimension. This update is big for a day worth of work. Hope you enjoy.

I notice a bug where the skin of the voider is glitched. I will try and fix that next update.

I was just about to begin creating my Voided Ores mod until I saw this. I made a block named Voided Stone how Ironic. Do you want to team up creating a Voided Mod?

I could do I suppose, it does sound like a good idea actually. Since this is a very small mod at the moment I guess I could create a team and add more features to it. This is currently in Alpha anyway.

ok I will make the mod this is awesome sorry that I didn't reply sooner

Great! My Skype should be BlisteringBullet, I have many ideas and textures I have already created!

Great! Ill get my skype set up. My mic is broken but it should be ok to message thrpugh text for the time being.

Don't worry about your MIC I use the one on my laptop that is terrible!

BTW how do you add an image like the one below all f your texts, do you receive it something?

My skype is raphazak.mcx and yeah, my mic is broken too and i have a teribble voice..Btw, there are messages xD