Unstable Craft

Published by ahig on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 01:28
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Unstable Craft is a mod that I made in under 10 minutes. This mod is only 1.18 MB in size. This mod makes the game "unstable" in a way. DON'T WORRY THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THIS MOD WILL CRASH OR CORRUPT YOUR GAME! This is what the mod does... I When you do stuff such as fill a bucket, go in a minecraft, sleep in a bed, use bone meal, kill mobs, or talk in chat, there is a chance of the game blowing you up, giving you diamonds, or teleporting you into the air! Those are just some examples. Based on my tests of the mod these things happen a reasonable amount of time, so the mod isn't impossible to play with. This mod is really good if you are doing a super challenging modded survival, or something like that. Anyways I hope you like the mod! :)


Modification files
unstablecraftversionone.zip - Unstable Craft1.25 MB

@#1 A made this mod in under ten minutes. All it does is make you Teleport into the air, blow up, or give you diamonds, on different events. For example sometimes when i kill a mod, get in bed, or ride a mine cart, i will blow up. There are a lot more scenarios that i am not going to list, but all in all the mod just adds an extra challenge to the game.

You should add more effects for more/different actions! That'll make it more interesting :D