The Airix 2 (Absolute Adventure)

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The next mods are on there way! I am getting a few done before i start releasing so they may take a bit yet.


The Airix is the first mod in a new mod series of mine. This mod series is called… Absolute Adventure, as you probably know Absolute Adventure was the name of a mod series i already did. (and stopped doing) The reason this mod series, and part of the mod, are from my last mod series is because this new mod series is a remake and an improvement of my last one! As you most likely guessed this mod (The Airix) is an update of my last mod (Lightest Lands), but this is no ordinary update, it is more like a remake! Read more to see what has changed…

About the mod:
The Airix is a remake of my old mod, Lightest Lands. This mod adds a new sky dimension to Minecraft with new mobs a new boss and so much more!

What it adds:

This mod adds new… Building blocks, Mobs, a Boss, a sky dimension, structures, armor, weapons, staffs, plants, food, loot, spawners, and more!

What has changed:

The mod now has… 1 new mob and changes to old mobs. The boss has been given a lot more health and speed. The Airix Staff has been changed to have a new texture and to help you get around the Airix easily. The travelers staff was added to help you cover long distances faster. The airix armor has had some minor changes. The portal to the Airix is now made out of stained glass of your choice. A new spawner has been added. The Airix crate was added so you can obtain loot on your travels through the Airix. Airix fruit now gives you levitation for 9 seconds instead of teleporting you up. The entire Airix dimension has been re-done.. 1. All the structures were re-done and new structures were added. 2. There are now floating islands of Airix Stone do to the changes in end generation from 1.9. 3. Even the clouds were changes to improve the looks, performance, and playability of the Airix Dimension.


Airix Armor: get by killing knights!


Airix Staff: Helps you travel and fight!

Travel Staff: Helps you travel


Picture of Airix Plants

Picture of  The Airix Wind Temple:


Airix Stone: 

Airix Stone Bricks: 

Carved Airix Stone Bricks: 

Wind: Use to travel to the Airix



1. Quiting the game while in the Airix can cause problems.

If you find any bugs please notify me!

Change Log:

v 2.0

+ Airix Totem

+ Slight Changes to Armor and mobs

+Slight Changes to Staffs

+ Slight changes to Airix generation

Modification files - The Airix v2.0 (NEW)Uploaded on: 09/08/2017 - 00:30   File size: 836.32 KB - The Airix (OLD)Uploaded on: 09/05/2016 - 01:59   File size: 831.75 KB - Old version from past mod series (Oldest)Uploaded on: 07/24/2016 - 12:46   File size: 497.2 KB

Little Tip: for the airix staff and travel staff use custom 3d models: a good one is blockbench
Other than that Very good mod!
p.s. if you need help with blockbench feel free to ask me

I will not be personally updating this mod anymore. However i have looked into passing my mod series off to someone else. This person has immense vision for a new direction with these mods the likes of which Mcreator hasn't seen i look forward to working with him to see what he can accomplish

Hey ahig, I'm looking to create a small mod before I focus my coding on another game. I love the idea of Airix, and I was wondering if you'd let me recreate it since it hasn't been in development for a couple years. I have lot of coding knowledge, and I could add in new bosses and mobs as well as structures, and possibly some new biomes. A couple new armor sets and ores wouldn't hurt either. I would call it "Airix : Rebirth" or something along the lines of that. What do you think?

oh yeah ...i made you a really cool sword and pickaxe i think it would be a neat thing in your mod... its in this link btw tell me if you will use it

you are welcome :3

@#32 Thank you, but those textures just really don't match the mods. Also i am looking into improving transport around the Airix, but i need to make sure whatever it is won't make you over powered in the next mods.

really good mod kinda like a copy of the ether mod but its still cool

@#31 This mod is not a copy of the ether in any way. The only thing that it has that the ether has is it is in the sky. The dimension itself has almost nothing else in common with the ether. I have looked at the ether to make sure it was not a copy, however it seems that it just being a sky dimension makes people think it is like the ether.

@#31.1 ya u are right sorry for intrupting :P.........but if you want an idea....try making flying armor,this link will show you how

@# what about making a flying creature and making it ridable or somting cause when i played your mod i needed to use like 3 stacks of cobblestone to get to one fortress which is really just need a way to move around the teleport staff thing is not that good if you want the truth