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Published by Mod Tower on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 10:44
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Hello guys, my name is Mod Tower and i will present today the ModCraft Prelease mod.

ModCraft is a mod about magic items, tools and other things!

Its not easy to do this, but also not so hard.


Beginning: First you must find Supermite Ore:

                  Then you need smelt the Supermite Dust!

  So then you can craft a Supermite Sword with 2 Supermite Ingots and 1 Melon Block!

  For later you need to enchant the books into the enchantment table!

  Put in the second crafting line Supermite Ingot and around with random enchantment books!

  Then you have the Enchanted Supermite Ingot!

  At master-game you need to craft the Enchanted Supermite Sword with 2 Enchanted Supermite Ingot and 1 Melon Block! (recommended for another adventure mods)

  You can craft also a gun with a Enchanted Supermite Ingot in the Middle around 8 Supermite Ingots! (recommended for another adventure mods)


  New Prelease Update:

   -You can craft now Supermite Blocks to get storage of many ingots. Enchanted Supermite Block have a magic effect!

    -Added Amethyst Ore and Gem:

  There is a new system in the mod called: "Amechanting"


  How does Amechanting work?

  For this you need many amethyst gems! With the gems you can add magical power to Supermite Swords (currently:supermite_sword,supermite_sword_enchanted)




        Tip: You can break some plants to get some Supermite!


Another Tip: Some things have magic effects when used


I hope that is enough info yet! Write in the comments for bugs and ideas!

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