Oh The Biomes You'll Go

Submitted by AOCAWOL on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 17:37
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"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go" -Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! 

What Is Biomes You Go?

Oh The Biomes You'll Go is an exploration and adventure mod designed to take you on a road trip across Minecraft like no other! Explore over 60 magical, realistic, and breathtaking biomes AND beautifully stunning new dimensions.

(For More Pictures, and Mod Info please visit https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/oh-the-biomes-youll-go

 Upcoming Update:

To Be Determined :3

Have a suggestion? Find a bug? Place it in the comments below! 


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Changelog 1.6.5 (Tales Of Salem)
-Added Ironwood Log
-Added Ironwood Leaves
-Added Ironwood Planks
-Added Ironwood Bookshelves
-Added Ironwood Slabs
-Added Ironwood Sapling
-Added Ebony Log
-Added Ebony Leaves
-Added Ebony Planks
-Added Ebony Bookshelves
-Added Ebony Slabs
-Added Ebony Sapling
-Added 'Ebony Woods' Biome
-Added Rowan Log
-Added Rowan Leaves
-Added Rowan Berry Leaves
-Added Rowan Planks
-Added Rowan Bookshelves
-Added Rowan Slabs
-Added Rowan Sapling
-Added Rowan Berries
-Added Hawthorn Log
-Added Hawthorn Leaves
-Added Hawthorn Berry Leaves
-Added Hawthorn Planks
-Added Hawthorn Booshelves
-Added Hawthorn Slabs
-Added Hawthorn Sapling
-Added Hawthorn Berries
-Added 'Whispering Woods' Biome
-Baobab Now functions as a crop (Right click a Baobab Leaves to plant the fruit! *Fruit grows under leaves not on top!*)
-Added Bamboo Planks
-Added Bamboo Bookshelf
-Added Bamboo Slabs
-Added Red Birch Leaves
-Added Orange Birch leaves
-Added Brown Birch Leaves
-Added 'Seasonal Birch Forest' Biome
-Removed 'Golden Birch Canopy' Biome
-Removed 'Glowshroom Bog' Biome
(These were old Alpha biomes that never made it into the mod, you can see them as the Astral Isle for Golden Birch & Glowshroom Bayou for Glowshroom Bog)
-Removed Ancient Birch Leaves
-Removed Ancient Birch Log
-Removed Ancient Birch Planks
-Removed Ancient Birch Bookshelf
(This wood was not currently obtainable in the mod it was an Alpha wood type that I planned on adding in but honestly felt that the quality was not what I had hoped and thus decided to remove it)
-Removed all stairs from the BYG Tab & stair recipes (so basically you can't get it unless you ./give)
(The block itself isn't removed however I'm currently putting it aside until I figure out a better way to impliment stairs as currently they are very bad..)
-Fixed a bug were slabs were autoplacing a 2nd slab turning it into a full plank if the player right clicked without the slab being in their main hand
-Revamped flooring of the following biomes:
Boreal Forest, Coniferous Forest, Snowy Con Forest, Evergreen Taiga, Snowy Evergeen, Pine Mountains, Snowy Pine Mountains, 
-Added 'Lush Desert' Biome
-Added 'Outback' Biome
-Revamped Palo Verde Trees 
-Added 'Canyons' Biome
-Added Hardened Dirt
-Added Sandy Dirt
-Added Sandy Grass
-Fixed a bug with Palo Verde leaves dropping leaves no matter what
-Added feature if any BYG dirt has a light level of 9 or greater AND it is daytime, it'll grow it's corresponding grass. 
-Added feature if right clicked with a hoe BYG grass & dirt wil turn into farmland
-Added feature if right click with a shovel BYG grass will turn into path block
-Revamped 'Boreal Forest' Biome
-Increased Latharium Ore's spawnrates (Now Spawns at Y35 or less..)
-Reworked Saplings
(Saplings were a bit buggy so now they should be working a lot more smoothly and trees won't be growing like five block away from the sapling..)
-Decreased Bush spawns in 'Tundra' Biome
-Added Glowcane (Item)
-Glowcane now functions as a crop (Plant on Glowcelium)
-Crystal Berries now function as a crop (Plant on Grass OR Astral Grass)
-Crystal Berries now only spawn in the Stellaris (Astral Isles)
-Added Yellow Daffodil flower
-Added Pink Daffodil flower
-Added Red Daffodil flower
-Added White Daffodil flower
-Added Peach Leather flower
-Added Violet Leather flower
-Added Pink Anemone flower
-Added White Anemone flower
-Added Blue Sage flower
-Added Purple Sage flower
-Added White Sage flower
-Removed 'Flaumig' flower (It was replaced by the White Sage)
-Added 'Rocky Stone'
-Revamped Pine Mountains
(The Pine Mountains's biome color was a bit too saturated so it has been changed to a duller color. Addtionally Peatgrass & Rockystone now spawn to create a more variety of textures across the mountains, the terrain in them has been changed and pine trees spawn in very few now instead of over abundant)
-Retextured Pine Leaves
(Made the leaves have more color variety and a bit duller)
-Added 'Great Lakes' Biome
-Revamped 'Deciduous Forest' Biome
-Revamped 'Seasonal Deciduous Forest' Biome
-Added 'Essence Berries' (Abyss)
(Can only be found in Abyssal Bog Villages)
-Added Essence Berry Bush 
(Can be planted on Grass or Dirt) 
(Can only be grown in light levels of 7 or below)
(CANNOT be Bonemealed)
-Added Abyssal Cauldron
(First place,then fill with water using a voidwater bottle, then right click with Abyssal Essence to light it and its ready for use!)
(Makes potions such as Luck, Levitation, Haste)
-Added 'Lake Village' (Great Lakes)
-Added 'Salem Village' (Whispering Woods)
-Added 'Abyssal Bog Village' (Abyss)
-Added 'Coven Cave Dungeon' (Weeping Witch Forest) (Underground)
-Retextured 'Abyssal Essence'
-Added Voidwater Bottle 
-Addded Potion of Saturation
-Added Potion of Resistance
-Added Potion of Levitation
-Added Potion of Luck
(Can Only be obtained through the Abyssal Cauldron)
-Added Experimental Music Discs:
Deep Blue (Abyss)
Spiralling Thoughts (Stellaris)
Sing Me To Sleep (Stellaris)
Natural Perfection (Stellaris)
(Warning: These cannot be obtained unless your in ceative and its very weird and unstable at the moment so I would not reccomend listening to them in your normal worlds..)
-Reorginized flower spawns across biomes

Another great update!
Cool concept for the Stellaris portal! :)
Can I take some inspiration from it when I will make the portal for the final RaolCraft dimension?

Submitted by DroidX1 on Thu, 05/16/2019 - 21:15

That was something i wanted for a while :D

Submitted by ultrasquid on Sun, 05/19/2019 - 18:32

A recommendation I have is to remove the baobab savanna and o make the baobab be a common structure in the original savanna biome.

Originally the Baobab Savanna was going to be just the Baobab in the savanna but I felt that Baobab was very special and unique and I wanted to add more desert biomes to the game. Plus I have some new structures coming out for the Baobab Savanna.

Another cool update :D
Am I wrong or is the changelog getting bigger and bigger with each update? XD