Zerer's More Food

Published by Zerer on Mon, 07/04/2016 - 12:15
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Project status
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Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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This mod adds more food to Minecraft.

Food list: Apple juice, Carrot juice, Chocolate, Banana, Banana juice, Cacao, Beetroot, Beetroot soup, Epic Juice, Ultimate Juice, Cake with meat and Blueberry.

Items list: Beetroot seeds and empty glass.

Blocks list: Blueberry and Banana plants.

Bananas and blueberrys spawn naturally. Beetroot seeds can be dropped from the grass.

Beetroot seeds and empty glass have a chance finding in the blacksmith.


Plans for the future: none

Crafts of the mod:



P.s. craft of the empty glass

key: g - glass block, n- nothing





New update image and blueberry recipe:




Modification files
[1.7.10]ZMF.jar - Old version70.79 KB
[1.7.10] ZFM new update.jar - New version of the mod84.39 KB

Nice stuff. Love the textures and whole mod just fits Minecraft. But that ultimate juice should just give you sickness haha Horrible combination. :)

UPDATE: Added mutton mini sheep and blueberry juice