The Solar System

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The Solar System A Giant System Has 8 Planets : Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus & Neptune. And More 1 Sun If You Like Space You Well Like This Mod Too!.

Added All This Planets To The Game : Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus & Neptune And Portals To Them The Biomes ...

Blocks : Mercury : Frame & stone,Venus : Frame & stone,Mars : Frame & stone,Jupiter : Frame & stone,Saturn : Frame & stone,Uranus : Frame & stone & Neptune : Frame & stone

Items : Rocket Fuel,Super Power Orb,Epic Power Orb,Legendary Power Orb,Ultra Massive Power Orb,Orb Of Dominance,MagnaZelium,Laser Bullet,Laser Gun,MagnaZelium Pickaxe.

Armor : Giant Gas Planets Armor, Space Armor {Look Like The Realistic Space Clothes When You Wear Them}.

Alien Mob : Alien , Alien House Structure , Enderman Sounds, Look Like Real Alien But In Minecraft.

4 Space Tools 3D Models,26 Recipes,7 Achievements And You Well Get You Prize,1 Ore, 1 Fluid And Ofcourse They Have An Own Tab.

And That's It All Thanks For Reading And Please Download & Well Be More Updates .


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I Well Add A New Goodness And Dangerous Mod About Really Things Weapons Armor TNT Super Matters Fuels Darkness.
I Its Name Is {The Dynamic Death War}