The CheeseyMod

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This is the cheeseyMod, i know what your thinking why would minecraft need cheese? well for one this mod does not JUST have cheese infact this mods cheese is only one 

component we have ores armor blocks swords and much more but the biges part about the cheeseymod its  its cheese the cheese allows the player to make cheese swords, ultra cheese sword, go to the moon
explore new biomes, kill new bosses, earn new achievements, and so much more

for crafting recipes i would recommend JEI (just enough items)


Info about the mods development

me and my friend have both been working on a mod for a while now he has not posted his yet but i though i would just finish some elements and post mine, i have been learning as i go

look up youtube videos when i get stuck but mostly i fix it myself


now do you see why minecraft needs cheese?

what do you mean no?

ok fine just play it yourself and you'll find out.


items and things they do

fire sword right click to give you speed

lightning staff right click to summon lightning

cheese sword right click will damage item and give you cheese

ultra cheese sword just really big does nothing

dragon sword right click to teleport

ok can we just say that RC means right click?

heal sword RC to set fire to the block your looking at

blocks and things they do

power block actingat with redstone to kill you and breaking it will summon at cat

dragon table RC to open a GUI does nothing YET

wolf table RC to open a GUI does nothing YET

and then theres armor but i think you should watch this video:


Modification files
the cheesey - The CheeseyMod the best cheese mod you can get but not just cheese but so much more its got well almost everything795.94 KB