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Kazaxe mod

Lastest updated on 11/6/2016

Newest Version: 1.4

For Minecraft Version: 10.0.2


This mod added: ( Version 1.4 )


-  65 new weapons ( 6 Tiers, each Tier has 10 kinds of material: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Obsidian, Emerald, Coal, Lapis Lauzuli, Redstone )

- A lot of new items


Materials Informations: ( Version 1.4 )


Wood: This is the most common material in this mod, the wooden weapons are the weakest of all, their durability are also low too.

Stone: This material is not strong, but useful and a little bit durable. The stone tools are better than the wooden tools.

Iron: This material is a little bit more expensive than stone, but strong and durable. So, if you have a lot of irons, use this kind of material.

Gold: This royal material is very expensive. Very strong but the durability of the golden tools is the lowest of all. So we recommend you shouldn't use this material, unless you are a billionance

Diamond: This material is expensive, but strong and super durable. If you want a high durability tool, use this kind of material.

Obsidian: This material is as strong as iron but "x3" durability. So, this is a more durable and cheaper material than iron. But as you know, we need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian. So, find some diamonds first!

Emerald: This kind of material are stronger but less durable than diamond. Emerald tools are as strong as gold but less than diamond "300" durability.

Coal: Not very expensive material, as strong as stone, but 50% more durability. So, don't need some lights or fuel? Use this kind of materials!

Lapis Lauzuli: This is a rare material, but has a large amounts of it in an ore. This kind of material is as strong as iron, but 20% more durability. Don't want to enchant something or make a useless dye? Use this kind of material!

Redstone: This isn't a rare material, but if you are a redstone proffestional, you will need a lagre amounts of redstone, or if not, use this material is a great idea! Redstone is as strong as diamond but 20% less durability than iron tools.


New Weapons: ( Version 1.4 )


* I will not show for the recipes! Please use a recipes checking mod like JEI,...

Tier 1:

Baseball Bats ( Better than Swords)


Wooden: 6

Stone: 7

Iron: 8

Golden: 10

Diamond: 9

Obsidian: 8

Emerald: 10

Coal: 7

Lapis Lauzuli: 8

Redstone: 9

Tier 2:

Paddles ( Better than Baseball Bats)


Wooden: 8

Stone: 9

Iron: 10

Golden: 12

Diamond: 11

Obsidian: 10

Emerald: 12

Coal: 9

Lapis Lauzuli: 10

Redstone: 11

Tier 3:

Golf Sticks ( Better than Paddles)


Wooden: 10

Stone: 11

Iron: 12

Golden: 14

Diamond: 13

Obsidian: 12

Emerald: 14

Coal: 11

Lapis Lauzuli: 12

Redstone: 13

Tier 4:

Battle Wrenches ( Better than Golf Sticks)


Wooden: 13

Stone: 14

Iron: 15

Golden: 17

Diamond: 16

Obsidian: 15

Emerald: 17

Coal: 14

Lapis Lauzuli: 15

Redstone: 16

Tier 5:

Battle Hammers ( Better than Battle Wrenches, can also use as a pickaxe)


Wooden: 15

Stone: 16

Iron: 17

Golden: 19

Diamond: 18

Obsidian: 17

Emerald: 19

Coal: 16

Lapis Lauzuli: 17

Redstone: 18

Tier 6:

Battle Axes ( Better than Battle Hammers, can also use as an axe)


Wooden: 17

Stone: 18

Iron: 19

Golden: 21

Diamond: 20

Obsidian: 19

Emerald: 21

Coal: 18

Lapis Lauzuli: 19

Redstone: 20


Working Stations: ( Version 1.4 )


- Rolling Station ( Turns materials into plates, blades)

- Extruding Station ( Turns materials into rods)

- Compressor ( Turns materials into compressed blocks)

- Pressing Station ( Turns materials into ingots ) 

- Restorer ( Restores plates, rods and compressed blocks into the before materials)



Newest Version ( 1.4 )


This update changed a lots!

- Changed the recipes and textures of the machines.

- Added Pressing Station, Ingot Cast

- Added coal, lapis lauzuli, redstone weapons

- Bug fixes



Older Versions Links:


1.3: http://dapalan.com/9qU3

1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xanaaz3c9utd980/Kazaxe_1.3%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/har911ka5qw6tt9/Kazaxe_1.1%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d3yabt4v4d3yb27/Kazaxe_1.0%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.9: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f5nb7vr8571d5k8/Extra_Weapons_0.9%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.8: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ny434gdt9vapf2y/Extra_Weapons_0.8%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.7: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jpjt6j84qu4nkn3/Extra_Weapons_0.7%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.6: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yfzaes2l3t3meh6/Extra_Weapons_0.6%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.5: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6939mn2t8s8dtzc/Extra_Weapons_0.5%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.4: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ais75tpd89x0o36/Extra_Weapons_0.4%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cbewktjo0iw6ra4/Extra_Weapons_0.3%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dqu8j0gacs44ma4/Extra_Weapons_0.2%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar

0.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/70hf6if5a6k4r5m/Extra_Weapons_0.1%2C_mc_10.0.2.jar


Please rate my mod as your own rating!

* If you found any bug, please report us to fix it. Thank you!

* If you like our mod, please make a showcase of it to make it becomes more popular!


* Thank you for mod of the week ^^!

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Nice mod, adds alot of weapons to go messing around with. Would love to see some pics of ingame though. :) Gratz on Mod of the week, Tuki!

Awesome nod bro. Also Do you take requests by any chance, it's okay if you don't I was just wondering