Zerer's Shin Godzilla mod

Published by Zerer on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 07:13
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds various Shin Godzilla forms, such as: Tadpole, Eel and Dinosaur.

Also, there is another things in the mod.

Mobs: Tadpole Godzilla, Kamata Kun (Eel form), Shinagawa Kun (Dinosaur form)

Items: Shinagawa Kun Skin, Super Bacteria, Gun, Bullet and Radiation Egg.

There is also a structure - Building.

Ok, let's go!


Radiation egg

Egg of an tadpole Godzilla, gives you achievement. 


Like bow, it can shot. Does 7 damage and 2 knockbank. Can shot instantly with right click. But gun can easily break.

Originally was Iron Bow


Has a 3d model. 

Originally was Iron Arrow

Super Bacteria

Living on Shinagawa Kun skin. Ocean floor organism that can fuse and evolve.

Shinagawa Kun skin

Drops from Shinagawa Kun.


The Building structure:

This structure can generate in every biome. Even in ocean.


1st floor of building


2nd floor

3rd floor


As you can see, there is bed dropped. It's supposed to be placed. Also, doors are broken too. 

The chest on 3rd floor is empty. Actually, it had 16 apples, 16 bread and leather cap.



Tadpole Godzilla

Spawning in rivers in packs. They are fast, and can jump. Better do not get closer to them, because the can live without water. Hostile mob, 10 hearts, drops fish. When killed, it evloves to Kamata Kun.

Kamata Kun

Can naturally spawn on beaches. Hostile mob, 20 hearts, drops bones. When killed, it evolves to Shinagawa Kun

Shinagawa Kun

Can naturally spawn in Mesa biome. Very dangerous, does damage in 3 hearts and moves very fast. Hostile mob, 40 hearts, drops Shinagawa Kun Skin. At moment evolves into noting.


Modification files
1.10.2shingodzilla.jar - 1st version of the mod. Download pls.96.83 KB

wow... EPIC... but can you up load a version for 1.7.10 cause I can't play minecraft 1.10.2 :<

How is it dead I just made a video Mod review for it and its uploading right now. And wheres shin godzilla in the mod

If the mod is dead can I use your models I promise I'll give you credit

Can you ad the final form and freeze thing and atomic breath with it's stages?

also can yo look at this and see if it works?