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MARS Introduction

 I've been a space fan my entire life. My favorite planet is Mars, so I decided to make a Mars mod! Though - it obviously won't be the best mod, but I did try to make it cool.

This mod is in heavy development.

How things work

To craft the portal to enter Mars, you must mine out Ethanium Ore - in which is deep underground - to receive Ethanium. Craft an Ethanium block from the Ethanium you received, then continue the process until you make a Nether-shaped portal made of Ethanium Blocks. Then, craft your igniter. You must place magma cream in the middle slot and a fire charge right next to it.

This description is unfinished.

Be sure to give positive feedback and report bugs. :)

Modification files
mars.jar - v0.0.2 BETAUploaded on: 12/23/2016 - 18:08   File size: 730.44 KB

nice mod, i'm really looking forward to going back home in a minecraft mod lol

Cool man i love space soooo much i made a mod about space *cough* you should check it out :)

Hi :)..Really nice mod, i really like it. Can i use the name "Ethanium" in my mod (Currently mod of the week)?