Music Collection. Retro Update

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Hello everyone! Today I finally make the mod that everyone was waiting for. 10 months ago I make it, but this project was created to 1.9, besides, I couldn't export the mod in .jar. Also I could not do normal work with the program due to weak Internet signal. Then Snache didn't help me with textures, I then did not know him. I'm had a lot of problems, because of this I have a lot of time did not show any activity. Now I can resume all my old projects, so that the wait in the coming months even more mods.

Music Collection. Retro Update

This mod adds a few things, but for many people this mod will become a favorite. It adds tape recorder and reel tapes in the game. 3 tapes, maybe it's few, but it already takes up 500 MB, if I add them as much as the original, this mod took would gigabytes.

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Is it me or is the animation at the top AWESOME!!!!