Pyro's Mining & Architecture Mod

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In development
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Pyro's mining and architecture mod contains:

  • 20+ minerals/ores 4 new dimensions
  • a block version of 6 different minerals
  • Five Nights at Freddy's wall and floor blocks
  • 4 new brick types
  • Luckyblocks (kinda)
  • 4 Ceilingfloors (: ceiling and floor in one block)
  • 6 new wool types
  • Craftable german house blocks
  • 8 powerful weapons
  • Realistic coins
  • 8 new plants
  • 5 new fooditems
  • 4 adorable kittens
  • A REALLY scary new boss!
  • 6 other mobs
  • and MUCH more...
  • ...AND ALMOST EVERYTHING IS CRAFTABLE!!! (crafting guide mod required)



Check it out! Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments!

Modification files
pyrosmamod.jar - Pyro's Mining&Architecture Mod: Version 0.3.0Uploaded on: 05/11/2017 - 19:51   File size: 1.29 MB - Pyro's Mining&Architecture Mod: Version 0.4.0Uploaded on: 05/21/2017 - 19:07   File size: 1.51 MB

@#6 I have never tried to download a mod from MCreator, since i only use it for less than 2 months, but i just made a new version which is a .zip file instead of .win. It could be better than the old one...
I don't really know :(

Here is a mod review, if anyone wants a preview of it. :)

A couple of things I noticed, When you use a night vision potion in the Nera portal then it goes completely dark, the whole screen and your stuck in that dimension. second, the red portal takes about 5 mintues to load, while its loading your whole pc will slow down. other than that its a great mod that adds expansion to building in a unique way.

@#4 All the portals and dimensions are pretty weird for some reason. I noticed the second thing as well. I don't know why the red one takes much more time to load, since it's almost the same as the green and the blue dimension. They have exactly the same settings, except for the blocks used. Also in my world i spawned multiple times in a really weird place, which lead to suffecating in walls. But I don't have a lot of control on that, so a probably can't change it. But thanks for your review!

ALL of the things that are in the image are actually in the mod.