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You maybe think there are a too low number of food in Minecraft , no ?

So, MoreMoreFoodCraft is for you !

With MoreMoreFoodCraft , you can cook and eat a big number of food !

The mod add some blocks and items too !


Ples note dat dis mod is in 1.10.2 so NO EPIC BLOCK MODELS or NO AWESOME FURNACES or NO AMAZING MOBS just blocks and items. e_e


(I only submited dis mod because it gots a lot of downloads and I think it deserve respect.)

This is the elements of this mods:

The items:

-The cooking knife

-The bottle

-The Cooking Book

-The Shop Book

The blocks

The Grassy stone

The Secret creative wood

The golden sand

The food lucky Block

The food unlucky Block

The foods

-the omelette

-the bacon

-the frost fries

-the fries

-The bag of fries

-The chips

-The cheese

-The tomato

-The cola bottle

-The salt

-The Fish and ships

-The semolina

-The pasta

-The lasagna

-The pizza

-The sausage

-The big bread

-The water bottle

-The boiled rotten flesh

-The monster cake

-The breadCrumbs

-The chocolate

-The candy

The legendary food

-The hamburger

-The hot dog

-The donut

-The spaghetti

-The ultra meat

-The nuggets

-The sandwich

-The Ghost Sandwich

For know all of the craft, you need to use a special mod like JEI.



The Shop Book don't work , the buyed items disappear and the money appear in your inventory.


Don't forget the download the mod and leave a comment or a suggestion/question.


Thanks you so much for the 100 downloads !



Good luck and enjoy your meal !

Modification files
moremorefoodcraft1.10.21.0.jar - This is the Alpha version of the mod.100.57 KB
moremorefoodcraft1.10.22.0.jar - This is the Beta version of the mod.114.64 KB
moremorefoodcraftderniersoufle.jar - This is the first released version of the mod.142.72 KB
moremorefoodcraft1.7.jar - This is the Complete version of the mod.224.01 KB