Sweet Crystalium

Published by TabbyLV on Tue, 10/24/2017 - 12:29
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Beat 4 Bosses.Get 4 Trophies. Make awesome tools and armor, explore new biomes and dimensions.

Sweet Crystalium is a mod made for a modpack but you can use it in your modpack or just by itself. It adds over 100 new blocks/items/mobs.

Version 1.3: Sweet Update
Finally updating my mod.


New Stuff:


  • Waffle - I like waffles
  • Waffle Block - Ooo building and totally not eating your house later
  • Rotten Waffle - Not so yummy
  • Cyan Icing Block - More colors to come maybe?
  • Icing Golem - Build it like a snow golem, but with Cyan Icing Block on the bottom and 2 Waffle Blocks on top! Attacks blazes with snowballs.
  • Derpy Waffle Guy - A little derpy waffle guy that drops waffles.
  • Waffle Dude - With his black sunglasses and white shoes!
  • Waffle Zombie - He is a zombie waffle who is angry at you, waffle dude and derpy waffle guy! He is also really fast.
  • Waffle Skeleton - Like the waffle zombie, but he shoots at you too! Keeping those arrows in his head makes him slow.
  • House - Generated structure
  • Wooden House - Generated structure
  • Tower - Generated structure
  • Wafflendia - New Biome! All of waffles! (There will be other blocks there soon.)



  • Alot of fixes for bugs when converting this to 1.11.2

Bugs in this version:

  • I couldnt fix trophies spawning wrongly. For now you can put a block, click on it and then remove it and they will be on the floor.
    In the next version i am going to redo the trophies as blocks not entities.
  • The waffle guys rotate wrongly, that also will be fixed in the next version.
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Certainly very... unique... there isn't much of a theme but for once a mod actually pulled that off unlike my mods before WOF