Stranger Things. [DISCONTINUED]

Published by the sloth on Mon, 02/05/2018 - 23:03
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This is only a small mod that will probably not be updated, so unless it ends up getting 100 downloads or something then I won't continue. If however, you would like to see this mod go further then please leave a comment for suggestions or feedback. 


This mod is only small & it won't have much as of yet. But here are some features that this mod adds to your Minecraft world.



-Withered blocks

-A new Dimension

And that's pretty much all for now.

Modification files
Stranger Things-Minecraft Mod.jarUploaded on: 02/05/2018 - 23:03   File size: 92.25 KB

I downloaded this mod and I like what I found, but I don't know what I should do to get to the Upside Down dimension

From memory, I think you just use an obsidian portal frame & use an item from the "Tools" section. (I think.)

But there's not much to see there. Not yet anyway. If you'd like me to make another update I will.

at some point, can you update this? i could be a great mod if it had more features

The demagorgon spawn egg is broken D:
But I do think this mod could be really cool if more was added to the upside down.
I really do hope you update it soon <3

Ideas for updates MindFlayer Mob, Eleven Outfits, Bikes, Doungeons and dragons, Eggos, Hopper clothing, Dema-Dog mob, Eleven mob, Will mob, Mike mob, Hopper mob, Joyce mob, Dustin mob, Dustins hat, Lucas mob, Max mob, Billy mob, skate board, Steve mob, Nail bat, Dr martin breaner (unsure how to pronouce) mob and gigori mob