AOL : Aurite, Onyx And Luminite

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Add 3 ores of each : Aurite, Onyx, Luminite and Suligite.

Each have a sword; a pickaxe; an axe and a shovel. (Yes, there is no hoe)

Luminite has 3 tiers for the sword and the pickaxe.


To brake Aurite, you need to have a diamond pickaxe, to brake onyx, you need a Renforced diamond pickaxe(added by the mod), to brake Luminite you need an onyx pickaxe, and to brake Suligite you need a Luminite Pickaxe TIER 2.


Aurite is a little bit better than diamond.

Onyx is better than aurite and diamond; and add effects to the player.

luminite is better than diamond, aurite and onyx. The Luminite Armor adds some buffs to the player.

Suligite is the best ore in the mod, it is better than Luminite TIER 3 Tools, Onyx, Aurite and Diamond. The Suligite Armor adds lots of buffs to the player. The Suligite tools are Over Powered, the sword (that have any tiers) deals 75 attack damage, the axe deals 95 attack damage, and when right clicked on a block with the pickaxe, it make an explosion.


This is my first mod, so there can be some bugs.


Thanks !

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