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Published by firejojo on Fri, 05/11/2018 - 18:24
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This mod was my first mod ( or at least my first Good mod ) so i tried all things i could do with MCreator. Now, i don't work anymore on this mod. But i'm working on a new mod, called "CDecoMod" which will be renamed as "Ethlander Things". I do that to don't have 2 mods in working and because i want a mod with a lot of things. Note that the great point of the Ethland Mod was the Multiblock, so i will work on this for my new mod.


Click-Here to see my site.

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My Mod :

V0.5 In Here !


A little mod wich add few ores and machines. It's will be upgraded later.

There are Copper and "Ethlandium" (It's useless right now). There is a Wire Caster wich make copper or iron wires. I'm working on a crusher/pulverizer (MultiBlock), it's in game but it don't have utilities.All my textures was created by me (


Item | Block


          Description              Crafting
 Copper Dust / Ingot / Block / Wall /   Sheet  Copper Materials  Click-here to see Crafting WebSite
 Tin Dust / Ingot / Block / Sheet    
 Mud Brick / Wall / Block    
 Tomatoe Seed / Crops / Food    
 Blueberry Bush  (Just bush)  






A new video is arrived on my youtube channel (video)



 Crafting Recipes:

  ◘ Cast Block

The recipe is like Iron Boots, add Stone Slab in the middle



  ◘ The Crusher 

Put Iron Block on Copper Block, then, right-click with the Wrench on the Copper Block







Special Blocks:

◘ The Pump (video)

◘ The Drill (video)


Programs used:

   - MCreator v1.7.9


   - Model Creator


I hope you will enjoy.


Modification files
EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.5.jar - EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.53.59 MB
EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.4.jar - EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.42.82 MB
EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.3.jar - EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.3527.5 KB
EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.2.jar.jar - EthlandModMC1.12.2-v0.2371.64 KB

═════ (v0.6 - Ores Upgrade) ═════

• Heat Generator
• Heat Conduit

• Flux Conduit

• Flux Generator

• Copper ore reworked and Malachite Ore

• Chimney (Just decorative)

Christmas things

  └> Christmas tree

  └> Presents

  └> Deer


********** v0.5 ********** 23/11/2018

• Coffee Maker (It's a bit glitchy with GUI)

• Announcment

• Correcting Creative GUI Bugs

• Blast Furnace (don't work)

• Changed the Drying Mud Process

• Tatch reworked

• Tin Wire/Sheet

 #Don't work or useless#

• Press

• Sugar Cube

• Butcher Axe 3D

• Ethland Book


********** v0.4.1 ********** 10/11/2018

• Some blocks don't appear in the Creative GUI

• Dryer

• Drill work now (video) 

• Drill bit

• Blueberry

• Tin Block


********** v0.4 ********** 07/11/2018

 Added :

• Convoyer (don't work, just decoration block)

• Pure Coal/Iron/Gold ore

• Drill (don't work, just decoration block)

• Pulverizer have now more utilities

• Blast Furnace (don't work, just decoration block)


********** v0.3 ********** 02/06/2018

• Added Coffee (been, sapling ...) ==> The Coffee Maker isn't in this version

• Added Petrol (Can)

• Added Pump

• Added Can (Petrol,Tomato,Water,Emty)

• Added Tin (Ore,Ingot,Can) -> they don't have recipes

• The blocks like : "machine_cast", "machine_crusher" don't see anymore in Creative Tab (I'm working on it)

• I little friend added, the Gobelin (It don't move actualy, so it is a decorative mob)

• U can see in creative Tab some Machines, but they don't have utility except the Pump


********** v0.2 ********** 18/05/2018

• Tomatoes added (crop,food)

• Fertilizer added

• Tatch Block (glitched)

• More crafting recipes

• The blocks like : "machine_cast", "machine_crusher" don't see anymore in Creative Tab (all of this blocks for the v0.3)

• Extrem Mountain added (useless right now)

• Added traduction in French for few items

• Few plants added (Blueberry Bush,Small Grass)


********** v0.1 ********** 12/05/2018

• Copper (Block,Ingot,Ore,Wire,Sheet(plate),few tools)

• Iron (Wire,Sheet(plate))

• Ethlandium (Ingot,Ore,few tools)

• Wire Machine (use for making wires)

• Crusher (will be using for making ores powder)

I created a Youtube Channel, you can see it if you want :

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