Published by sssssh on Tue, 08/21/2018 - 08:15
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Please note: This mod will no longer be updated.

What is Network?

Network is a technology mod that contains a few machines for help in doing daily stuff.

What is in the mod?

The machines: Drill (once powered by redstone it will drill to bedrock) , Grinder, Motherboard Maker, Alloy Builder.

The motherboards: Chainsaw motherboard, Block vaporizer motherboard, Drill motherboard, Grinder motherboard, Alloy builder motherboard.

Items: Screw, Copper wire, Chainsaw housing, Chainsaw blade, Steel shard, Blade, Lens, Silicon, Drill bit.

Data banks: Data bank, Ultra data bank, Super data bank.

Tools: Chainsaw, Block vaporizer, Steel sword.

Ingots: Copper ingot, Steel ingot, Reinforced steel ingot, redstone ingot.


The recipes that are done in a crafting table can be found using JEI or NEI. But the recipes in the machines cannot be found using the fore mentioned programs. Please also note that for some reason pictures wouldn't upload properly so all the recipes will all be in words.

Recipes in the motherboard maker:

Grinder motherboard: Copper wire, Data bank        Alloy builder motherboard: Copper wire, Super data bank

                                                Gold, Iron.                                                           Copper ingot, Redstone dust

Chainsaw motherboard: Copper wire, Super data bank       Block vaporizor motherboard:  Copper wire, Ultra data bank

                                       Steel ingot,   Lump of silicon                                                      Redstone ingot, Gold ingot

Drill motherboard: Copper wire, Super data bank

                                  Iron ingot, Battery

The grinder:

Sand in the left slot = lump of silicon

Steel in the left slot = steel shard

Netherrack in the left slot = nether wart

The alloy builder:

Iron ingot + coal = Steel ingot

Iron ingot + redstone dust = Redstone ingot

Steel ingot + ender pearl = Reinforced steel ingot


Thanks Mcreator team! Without you guys I wouldn't be able to mod!

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