Derby's Mod (400+ mod elements)

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Welcome to Derby's Mod! The mods within a mod! 

Derby's Mod adds a bunch of fun stuff including 5 tool and armor sets, 5 crops, tons of new food, fuels, 3 new nether ores, 1 dimension, a custom crafting block, some new building blocks, and also adds recipes to before uncraftable vanilla items!

DISCLAIMER! This mod includes a revival of the since discontinued Toilet and NetherX mod. Nobody seems to understand this.

I am open for suggestions. Please leave your ideas in the comments.

Derby's Toilet:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Used Toilet Paper
  • Fecal Block
  • Fecal Ingot
  • Fecal Tools and Armor (same as diamond)
  • Toilet
  • Fecal Nugget
  • Super Fecal Block
  • Fecal Bazooka 


Derby's Contriband:

  • Dried Jungle Leaves
  • Illegal Potion
  • "Sugar"
  • "Sugar Brick"
  • "Sugar Bricks"
  • "Maple Leaf" 
  • "Maple Seeds"
  • Sword of the Stoner
  • "Rolled-up Maple Leaf" 
  • "Maple Brownie Mix"
  • "Maple Brownie" 


Derby's Kitchen:

  • Brownie Mix
  • Brownie
  • Fried Egg
  • Fried Dragon Egg (gives every potion buff for a whole hour!)
  • Notch Apple (a revival of the old enchanted golden apple)
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Vodka
  • Cider
  • Rum
  • Glutwine (a crossover with Derby's Dimensions)
  • Barrel (used to make drinks)
  • Mug
  • Yeast
  • Yeast Spore (spawns throughout the world)
  • Cheese Maker
  • Cheese Wheel
  • Cheese Slice
  • Cheese Block
  • Barley
  • Grapes
  • Trellis (used to grow grapes)
  • Grape seeds (obtained from vines)
  • Barley seeds
  • Wild barley (found throughout the world)
  • Golden Bucket


Derby's Dimensions:

  • Infusion Table
  • Malite Ore
  • Necromite Ore
  • Ichorite Ore
  • Withersteel Ore
  • Malite Ingot
  • Necromite Gem
  • Withersteel Ingot
  • Ichorite Shard (used as bonemeal for nether crops, also a fuel source that is 3x more powerful than coal)
  • Malite Tools & Armor
  • Necromite Tools & Armor
  • Withersteel Tools & Armor
  • Dracosteel Ingot (made in the infusion table)
  • Dracosteel Block
  • Malite Block
  • Necromite Block
  • Withersteel Block
  • Basalt (found very commonly throughout the nether)
  • Basalt Bricks
  • Glutroot Seeds (found in seed bearing soulsand)
  • Phoenix Pit (found in seed bearing soulsand)
  • Glutroot
  • Phoenix Berry
  • Obsidian Rod
  • Netherbrick Rod
  • Alter of the Damned
  • Herobrine's Diamond (turns you into herobrine!)
  • Herobrines's Staff (right click to throw a projectile that teleports you) (uses coal as fuel) 
  • Villager Heaven (portal frame made of emerald blocks)
  • Emerald star (made in the infusion table) 


Derby's Trolls (open to suggestions!) :

  • Fake Steak 
  • Reverse Lava
  • False Diamond Ore
  • False Diamond Block
  • False TNT
  • Noise Block (drives you or your friends crazy)
  • Troll Sand (you phase right through it!)


Derby's Ocean (WIP) :

  • Prismatic Iron (made in the infusion table) 
  • Prismatic Iron Block (glows very bright)
  • Prismatic Boots (equipped with Depth Strider IV on being crafted) 
  • Smoke in a Bottle
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Sushi Knife 
  • Fugu (edible puffer fish) (made with the sushi knife)
  • Rice Seeds
  • Rice
  • Prismatic Apple


Infusion Table Recipes: 

Prismarine Crystal + Iron Block = Prismatic Iron Ingot

Withersteel Ingot + Dragon's Breath = Dracosteel Ingot

Nether Star + Emerald Block = Emerald Star


Added Recipes to once Uncrafted Vanilla Items:

  • All heads and skulls (not including the Dragon Head)
  • Name Tag
  • Exp Bottle
  • All Horse Armors
  • Saddle
  • Command Block


Planned features (mcreator 1.13) : 

  • Sushi (salmon, cod, ahi)
  • Sea horn (made with gold, nat shells, and the heart of the sea) (summons prismatic defenders) 
  • Trident recipe using Prismatic Iron
  • Phantom Totem (levitation when in off-hand and slowfalling when in main-hand) 
  • A whole ton of mobs
  • Cherry tree biome with cherries and cherry wood
  • Volcanic Biome with charred wood and ash block
  • Dark Magic
  • Corruption Biome (based off of terraria) with corrupted wood and mobs
  • Lots of stuff with bacon
  • More infusion table recipes 
  • Herobrine boss fight
Modification files
DerbyMod_1.12.2_1.3.1.jar - In the unlikely case this mod crashes it is likely due to an outdated forge client. 1.4 MB

Lots of planned features. Open to suggestions.