Quartzified Mod

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Adds 26 new ores to the game

Each ore is a variant of the mineral quartz, which in minecraft is nether quartz, but these are overworld quartzes.

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Modification files
Quartizfied-1.10.2O-o.jar - O-o means Only ores (1.0.0)Uploaded on: 12/02/2018 - 02:10   File size: 136.92 KB
Quartizified-v1.0.1.jar - With gems (1.0.1)Uploaded on: 12/02/2018 - 14:27   File size: 219.98 KB
Quartzified-v1.0.21.jar - With Swords, will be replaced with newer version until full tool sets (1.0.21)Uploaded on: 12/03/2018 - 02:40   File size: 307.06 KB

v1.0.0 Currently only adds ores to the game (Ores drop themselves, and can't be smelted or anything yet)

v1.0.1 Added gems for each new ore, fixed spawn rates for citrine and lepidocrocite

v1.0.2 Edited some naming mistakes, added first tools to the game. (Currently all swords, pickaxes in next update)

v1.0.21 Changed some durabilities

Good idea man!
By the way : Agate, Bloodstone and Opal aren't Quartz Variants. They only have the same chemical composition but aren't quartz.

Yeah, I originally didn't think about that fact when first making the ore blocks, I just went onto ~15 websites that listed different "quartz variants" and used whatever came up on the lists. I also did notice that chrysocolla and lepidocrocite were actually "encased" in smoky and milky quartz.

Probably will add some tool sets, some are going to be stronger than diamond, and some will be about as good as iron, it's based on mining level, because some need a diamond pickaxe to mine, and those will generally be better