Keycards And Traps

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In development
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This mod has these features currently:

- Keycards to activate keycard scanners

- Redstone Hacker and Master Card both unlock any keycard slot

- Secure Doors are more secure than normal doors (I actually made them just because normal doors get stuck when you activate them with the keycards). They are good for vaults!

- The instant detonator explodes so that whoever treads over you landmine won't know what hit them!

- The lightning rod strikes lightning. (Obviously)

- Alarms make a loud, obnoxious sound when activated.

Modification files
keycardsandtrapsmod.jar - download and place in mods folderUploaded on: 12/23/2018 - 13:52   File size: 1.12 MB

I would recomened making the hacker REALLY hard to craft.