Nether Reactor Core Mod

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Are you tired of the nether?

Do you miss the old reactor block?

Well this mod is for you then...

This mod brings back the old nether reactor core from minecraft pocket edition and make it usable to bring nether to overworld

or do you want it just to decorate burn it in oven and it will lose it funcionality making it a normal block

this mod also add classic lava glowing obsidan double slab and classic zombie pigman

Modification files
NetherReactorCoreMod.jarUploaded on: 01/15/2019 - 01:35   File size: 86.4 KB

Can you submit this mod on Curseforge? because i making a nostalgia pack in Twitch Launcher and it's not a Curseforge mod

Hey dude, great mod! I love everything about it. Could you just please do two things? 1: Make it compatible for 1.16 (because by the time you're done it'll probably be out) and 2: Please try to copy the original as much as you can! You took great artistic liberty, but I'd love to relive it exactly as I did so many years ago. Thanks!

How did you make the core detect the reactor.

What i'm trying to say is that how did you do this.