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Published by IceTudor on Sat, 01/19/2019 - 17:26
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You may have heard of https://mcreator.net/modification/43372/minecraft , My older MC mod. "Minecraft+". I've actually planned a 0.3.0 version for this mod, but I never got around to it, since the mod was getting too big, crashing when i'd use it. So instead, I made a new mod! With 1.8.1 instead of 1.7.9 of course! This mod is in the alpha right now, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!. Here's a list of additions


  • Lake Biomes - A large, expansive lake with islands in it.
  • Flooded Forests - Tropical forests! ... That are half-flooded.
  • Mountains - Mountain regions, similar to extreme hills, but much higher.
  • Trenches - Super-Deep regions of oceans. Saltwater can be found in here
  • Plateau - High up regions, still flat though.
  • Black Desert - A desert full of black sand and graphite.


  • Humans - Actual, smart-AI human mobs! They do a variety of things, most of them are taken from Minecraft+


  • Compressed Stone - Hard to mine, resistant, stone. Used to make reinforced concrete.
  • Steel - Steel. Just get it by smelting iron twice!
  • Graphite - Pure Carbon. Made by smelting coal. Used for strong graphite blocks.
  • Stone stick - Stone sticks! Just make 4 by putting 2 cobblestone together!
  • Rope - Stronger string, make it by putting 2 strings together.


  • Peppers - Actual chili peppers! You can grow them in a farm, they don't even require water! Beware however, they'll sting a little while eating, they're spicy stuff! Pepper seeds aswell!
  • Steel Pepper - Similar to a golden carrot/apple. Doesn't harm you like a regular pepper, instead, it gives you 30 seconds of Resistance I!


  • Reinforced Concrete - Strong, durable, resistant... and most importantly, easy to make! Obsidian's either too slow to get, or regular blocks are just too weak!
  • Graphite Block - A strong, durable block like before, but slightly different, in the sense that it redirects redstone, without actually powering it.
  • Steel Block - A steel block, a strong metal, hard to mine, slow to make, but is incredibly strong!
  • Black Sand - Black sand, can be refined into iron nuggets by putting it in a crafting table!
  • Quicksand - Hard to walk through, hard to get rid of. Made by putting sand in the middle of a crafting table and water below it.


  • Saltwater - Saltwater. Couldn't get simpler than this, it's just water, but not as useful, though it's more common than regular water


  • Voidpockets/Voidblocks - Patches of invisible blocks with a slight glow, a miner's nightmare, they occur frequently at low depths, hurts you if you get too close.
  • Longbow - A bow, which always fires at the maximum distance of a regular bow, much stronger aswell. Made using stone sticks and rope instead of regular sticks and string


  • Sky Dimension - A large, almost empty dimension with lots of floating islands of different biomes.



  • Mud - Mud blocks, slows you down when walking on them.
  • Chromium Ore - Chromium ore, spawns rarely on chunks, when it does, it spawns alot.
  • Chromium - Used to make incredibly enchantable armor and tools.
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Please give a more descriptive description. This mod seems cool, but I won't download unless there is a good description.
-CoolskeletonMods (: