The Beginning

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The Beginning mod is a mod that adds tons of machines a new dimension tons of foods and items and more to come.

Currently with a total of 522 mod elements (454 in the previous version)

There is now an in game guidebook no more reading long descriptions.


Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

With This (small) Update i bring you updated quantum tunneler and contained black hole models and new mobs like the magma boar molten bull and the scorched


Man this took a while to make but its finally here the full release of the beginning mod before I start there is now an energy system called ethereal energy it is now required to run all machines (this includes the multiblocks) EXCEPT the new mini blast furnace, the sluice, and the saw.

New Machines

Mini Blast furnace to make tungsteel

Centrifuge to separate things


Solar panel 

Coal generator

Modification download files

Man There's a lot of congratses thats for sure but i do appreciate the support so thanks!

Sometimes I am sad because I can't load other players' mods

Nice mod, it looks very good :D
**Psst, Congrats for mod of the week btw**

Submitted by KJW2003 on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 20:46

Could you please help me and tell me what you use to create the 3D models it would help a lot :) thanks