Troll Craft

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                                              Troll Craft

                                   A Mod That Adds Tons Of Utilities To Troll Your Friends With!

Mod Content:

• Troll AK-47 - an OP Gun That Was Mainly Created For Creative mode Trolling But Can Also Be Crafted In Survival With A Hard Recipe You Can Scope By Clicking "F"

• Pistol - a Pistol That Hurts A lot But Your Just A Really Bad Aim But You Can Scope By Clicking "F"

• Troll Face - This Face Makes It When Its In Your Inventory It Will Give Slowness And Speed Which Does Nothing But You Can Right Click For True Annoyingness

• Troll Ingot - an Ingot That Can Be Crafted To a Block Or Armor or Tools!

• Troll Armor - Great Armor For Battle Created With Troll Ingots!

• Troll Tools - The Troll Tools Including troll Pickaxe Troll Sword Troll Axe Troll Hoe Troll Shovel These All Are Very Strong Tools!

• Poop - Well You Know What This Is But It Comes In Different Varieties

• Hot Potatato - a Hot Potato When Eaten It Catches You On FIRE! Beware, Can Be Crafted By Smelting Cooked Potato Therefor Burning It

• Potato Plant - a Plant That Can Be Found around The World

• Snake In a Can - Pretty Self Explanatory

• Snake - can Be Right Clicked to Gain Speed And Poison

• OK - a Hand OK Symbol That Can Be Found In an Ore And Crafted in Crafting Tables Or Inv To Make OK (Right) If You Want Double Handed!

Statue Of Me Dabbing - Its A Statue Of Me Dabbing

Statue Of Me Doing The Splits - Pretty Self Explanatory

Flossin - I'm So Sorry.

• Donut - a Donut That Can Be Found From Donut Trees Scattered Across The World!

• Throwable Gun - A Gun That Does Not Really Work Like A Gun Instead It Throws When Right Clicked!

Instakill Stikk - Instantly Kills Almost Anything

• Annoying Button - DON'T PRESS!

• Flight Staff - a Staff That Opens A Menu That Allows You To Enable Or Disable Flight

• Chicken Nugget - a Chicken Nugget That Can Be Crafted Using Cooked Chicken!

• Phone - a Working Phone With Some Capabilities Of Its Own!

• Lucky Block - a Block That Spawns In Quartz Huts Around The World Which Either Gives Wither Effect Or Diamond And Emerald Blocks!

• Troll Dimension - a Dimension Full of Big Piles Of Poop And Of Coarse Poop Zombies And Trolls!

Xray Block - It Allows You To See Thru Blocks 

Slith Spawner - Used To Summon The Slith!

Donut Grass - Grass That's Found In Donut Biome

Troll Water - Ever Wanted To Walk On Water?

• Troll Coal - Coal That Spawns Underground That For Some Reason Gives Exactly 50 Bowls

Troll Ore - Used To Obtain Troll Ingots

"REAL Stone" - Spawns Primed TNT When Destroyed (Spawned Randomly UnderGround)

Troll Block - Used To Make A Troll Portal To The Troll Dimension

Troll Stone - Stone For The Troll Dimension!

• Donut Tree - a Tree That Randomly Generates In The World Which Provides Donuts!

• Xray Block - a Block that You Can See Thru You Can Use This To Troll Your Friends In Some Ways Or Just To Look For Caves (Dont Worry Its Not Cheating!) o-o

• Spikes - Spikes That can Be Used To Hurt Your Friends

• TNT Plant - a Plant That Once Generated In Worlds But Was Removed Due To Large Groups But Can Still Be Crafted With 5 TNT Crafted In a T Shape In a Crafting Table!

• Explosive Jetpack - Pretty Simple Actually It Blows Up When You Right Click With It And If Your In Creative Mode And You Hold Down Right Click While Looking Down You Can Fly!

• Satisfying Coal - This Is Coal That Smelts Extremely Instantly And Is Useless On Its Own But Very Satisfying.

• Whoopie Cushion - Oh Yeah The Ultimate Troll Equipment The Whoopie cushion Makes A Glass Breaking Sound Rapidly Which Is Super Annoying Whenever You Step On It

Spam Whoopie Cushion - Spams When You Step On It! (Super Annoying)

• Pump Action Pistol - Its A Pistol That Can Fire At Short Distances Oh And You Can Scope If You Click "F" While Holding It!

• Pump Action Sniper Rifle - A Joke Obviously But Its Very Strong And It Can Be Scoped By Clicking "F"

• Staple Gun - A Moderately Strong Staple Gun That Can Shoot Staples Across The Room!

• Troll Cake - A Cake That Looks Alot Like A Cake But Suprise BOOM!

• 50 Downloads Trophy - Celebration On Getting 50 Downloads On My Mod!

• Trash Can - A Trash Can That Does Not Actually Remove Items It Just Has 1 Slot In It!

• Poop Slime - A Slime That Spawns In The Troll Dimension That Throws Poop At You!

• Troll - a Mob That is Very Deadly Dont Get Near It!

• Poop Zombie - a Zombie That Is Made Of Poop That Only Spawns In the Troll Dimension!

• Troll Mask - A Mask That You Can Wear While Trolling And You Can Crouch To Get Speed To do Some Speed Hax

• Slith - This Unstoppable Boss Throws Fire Charge At You And It Drops Really Good Loot You Can Spawn It Using The Slith Spawner

Pet Rock - Its A Pet Rock That You Can Play With And Pet And Its Fun But Make Sure Not To Step On It!

Donut Biome - A Biome Full Of Donut Things.




• Don't Forget To Comment About Any Problems Or Anything Else Or Even Suggestions!•

• Don't Forget To Download! Hope You Have a Good Evening Night Morning Or Whatever Time Bye!•

• All Of The Guns In The Mod (Not Including The Throwable One) Is 3D And Can Be Scoped By Holding It In Your Left Hand!•

• All 3D Models Were Created By Me :supermj767:•

Don't publish my mods on other websites without my permission!

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Modification files
Troll Craft (1.12.2) (1.0.4).jar - Troll Craft (1.12.2) (1.0.3) :Latest:Uploaded on: 05/28/2019 - 02:35   File size: 2.65 MB
Troll Craft 2.0 (1.12.2).jar - Troll Craft (1.12.2) Old (1.0.2)Uploaded on: 03/31/2019 - 18:05   File size: 1.94 MB
Troll Craft (1.12.2) Water Update.jar - Troll Craft (1.12.2) Oldest (Troll Water Update!)Uploaded on: 02/04/2019 - 05:11   File size: 1.73 MB

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Hello supermj767, at first I made a mod with your same name, sorry 😥 for that. but then I changed the name of the mod to todocraft, I hope it's as successful as yours, I don't remember if you put bosses in your mod or not, or dimensions, and my mod is very basic and not as complete and complex as yours , ok excuse me for this testament of comment 😅. nice mod

sike that's the wrong number ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh it is jeff just kiding it is 268