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Minecraft Forge mod
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the mod. Adds 15 different types of zombies Add all of the villagers to zombie animals still grab their variant at the mod. Was available for years only for 1.12.2 now gets the mod. An update to version 1.16.5 if you like the update let a like da and write your wishes and ideas in the comments otherwise have a lot of fun with the update

Modification files
Mo´Infected 1.12.2.jar - Mo´Infected 1.12.2184.32 KB
Mo´Infected 1.16.5 update_1.jar - Mo´Infected 1.16.5 Update180.2 KB
Mo´Infected Texture Update.jar - Mo´Infected Texture Update193.66 KB
Mo´Infected Final Update.jar - Mo´Infected Final Update256 KB

                                                                                              1.16.5 Update

                                                                                          -addiertes Zombie-Huhn

                                                                                         -added Zombie Piglin (Nether Mob)

                                                                                        - Zombie Bee hinzugefügt

                                                                                       -added Zombie Creeper mit leuchtenden Augen

                                                                                       -Zombiespinnen und Zombie-Endermans haben jetzt leuchtende Augen


Again, make a description that informs the player about the infected mobs. If the player dosen't know what they are downloading then it could be a mod that adds in curse words, who knows! It could've added in anything! So next time you make a mod or update this or your Mo' Zombies mod, or ANY mod please make a description that informs the player.