Epic Expansion Mod!

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Epic Expansion Mod!

WIP: Version 0.5.6 (See Changelog for updates)

The Epic Expansion mod is a mod that expands everything, ranging from ores, to biomes, to a new dimension! Lengthen your average Minecraft Experience with this Mod and never stop having fun! This mod includes a new type of tool and a new type of weapon: Drills and Longswords! Drills will mine blocks faster than pickaxes, but will require redstone to craft them. Longswords are a stronger variant of regular swords and will deal more damage.


+200 Mod Elements!


  • Light Grass/Light Dirt/Light Stone (found in Light Biomes, which are very rare)

  • Enchanted Log/Enchanted Wood Planks/Enchanted Leaves (found in Enchanted Wood Biomes)

  • Ashwood Log/Ashwood Planks (found in Ashlands Biomes)

  • Material Fuser (Fuse materials to make a new material!)

  • Tin Extractor (Extract dust into an ingot/gem!)

  • Aethereal Grass/Dirt/Wood/Wood Planks/Leaves (found in the aether dimension)

  • Tin/Copper/Bronze/Cobalt/Dark Nitro Block

  • And much more!


  • Cobalt Ore - A blue, strong material found in Enchanted Woods Biomes

  • Dark Nitro - A dark, volcanic version of regular coal, it is full of energy. Found in Ashlands Biomes

  • Royalite - A powerful, purple gemstone found in Alpha-lands Biomes

  • Copper - An orange material that can be found anywhere

  • Tin - A slightly yellow material that can be found anywhere

  • Illumino - A yellow gem that illuminates with great power. Only found in Light Plains biomes.


  • Cobalt Tools

  • Enchanted Wood Tools

  • Stone Drill

  • Iron Drill

  • Diamond Drill

  • Royalite Drill

  • Cobalt Drill


  • Iron Longsword

  • Diamond Longsword

  • Cobalt Longsword

  • Royalite Longsword

  • Copper Rusher (a sword designed for rushing enemies)


  • Wood Armor

  • Enchanted Wood Armor

  • Copper Armor

  • Tin Armor

  • Cobalt Armor

  • Royalite Armor

  • Blast Resistor Armor (Body only)

  • Illumino Armor (Helmet Only)


Dark Swamp



Light Plains

Enchanted Woods


  • Aether


Material Fuser Recipes:

Top Slot = Left Ingredient (e.g Obsidian)

Bottom Slot = Right Ingredient (e.g Iron)

Obsidian + Iron = Obsidiron

Copper + Tin = Bronze

Iron + Coal = Steel


Much More Coming Soon!

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
EEMod0.5.6-1.12.2_0.jar - Newest, stable version916.93 KB


Added a recipe for the Tin Extractor (I forgot, sorry!)

Added more utility for Ashwood/Enchanted Wood. (Added recipes for them such as doors and chests)

Fixed Volcanic Plant's name


Public Release, yay!

I sort of have similar ideas for my mod as well! It won't have an "Aether" dimension, but it WILL be a huge project like the original Aether mod!

you should edit the mod so that it can load forge version after onthat version and every version after. cause i can't play your mod since it needs a specific mod