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Hello! Im Back with a Brand new Mod! Cosmocraft! This is a Development Version and will be updated Weekly(Monthly) Due to new Mod (Shape of World). Not much for now, (516) Elements, But the biggest Thing is the SKY. A new Dimension.

For Recipes use JEI.

Blocks and Ores (Overworld):

Copper Ore/Block,Tin Ore/Block,Cobalt Ore/Block(Only Spawns in Ocean!),Steel Block and End Gateway Block!


The Cobalt Block Drops every 800 Ticks XP Balls!


Copper Ingot,Nugget,Plate,Tin Ingot,Nugget,Plate,Steel Ingot,Nugget,Plate,Iron Plate, Cobalt Dust,Cheese (Gives 2 Full Hunger Bars) Cheese Pie (like Pumpkin Pie) Cheese Wheel (Take Long to eat but Gives 14 Hunger Bars!) Fried Egg (Like Cheese) And Skys Essence (not craftable,steel is also not craftable yet)





All Cans


Every Can heals 2 more Hunger Bars but eats Slower.

The Sky Portal and the Sky:







How i said,the Igniter CAN NOT be crafted yet. :(

The Blocks and Items(Armor):



Other Blocks


Items etc.

White Apple,(Deletes you Effects) Amberum, Skywood Stick and Tools, Currant and Strawberry ( Both gives 2 hunger bars) Skyland Stone Tools, Skyblue Dye, Rotten Strawberry and Currant(gives negative effects) Enchanted Strawberry and Currant(gives you 7 hunger bars and gives you Regeneration for Short Time) Poisonium Ingot, Poisonium Armor (Chestplate gives Haste) Gold,Diamond and Poisonium Keys(Just Gold Key avaible now.) Petalit Armor(Dungeon Loot)

Plotonium Pick Axe Shovel(Dungeon loot) Stone of Regeneration,Saturation (Dungeon loot,right click it to get the effect,only 1 or 2 uses) Healing Stone,eat it for regeneration (Put Amberum at the top of the Altar and of the bottom)

Pylite Armor,Sword and Tools, Flaming Sword (Set monsters for 15 Sec in BURN!)(Dungeon Loot),Raw and Cooked Sky Chicken,Sky Egg and Fried Sky Egg (gives you 5 hunger bars) Sky Stick,Sky Tools,Sky Feather,Arrow and Bow,Pylite Buckets (Normal,Poison,Regeneration,Saturation)Skystone tools,Cloudy String, Grapes ( unobtainable)



The Flying Pig Drops raw porkchop,The Crawlers drop there block,the Sky Chicken can lay Sky Eggs and when be killed drops Sky Feather and Raw Sky Chicken (Can be smelted in the Skystone Furnace)



Spawns randomly in World . For players that want a Dungeon with not so good loot,but a tough boss Fight!

Boss Room:

Boss Room


When you Summon the Boss:

The Boss


Just Right Click the Spawner!


When you Kill it:



One of the loot tables(can only be open with a golden key!)

Loot Table


Hope You like the Mod:




-RaoltheBest (Soon for Dungeonbricks)

-Aether I Berry Bush System /lol/



Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files


-First Release

I haven't tryed it but it looks really nice. How you made custom loot tables?

this is a really good mod but one thing that bothered me was how the Golden Treasure Chest had no Rotation, apart from that this mod is perfect

It's okay :D New CC Update does take a bit, I will add Moon, Asteroids, Mars, Mercury and Venus for Update 1. Update 2 I will add Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Update 3 I will add the Kuiper Belt, Proxima Centauri System, Now comes moons from other planets:Io, Europa, Titan, Titania, Oberon, Lysithia, Kallisto, Mimas and Dionre.Update 4 I will add Kepler 22b,Kepler 186f, Kepler 62f, Rigel(You need a Special Armor to survive stars) (Same with Gas Planets), UY Scuti, Betelgeuse, and all there solar system, Ceres, the Sun, Sirius a and b, A Black Hole, (Only with special armor) and Triton. Update 5 will make so you can make the Mars terraforming, same with other planets (Titan and so on) and I will add A Supernova like dimension, and a Milky way and Andromeda Galaxy like Dimensions

And on Jupiter, and other gas planets, it will always be thunder, and you can have a chance to get Plasma, you can upgrade it to make a upgraded warp box, so you can travel to more planets. Like you first Warp Box can only go to Asteroids and Moon, the second to Venus etc... There are more then 20 plasma sections