Bruh Sound Effect Mod

Published by TheGamer37 on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 16:04
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This mod adds a new item to the game. when you right click when the item is in your hands, it will play the "Bruh" sound effect.


one juke box at middle left, one noteblock at the middle, one noteblock at top left, one note block at down left and then fill the empty slots with black wool

so yeah this isn't really that big, its just an item that adds the bruh sound effect. I guess you can really annoy your friends with this, or just play it alone... make yourself laugh.....

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Bruh_Sound_Effect_Mod-v1.0.0.jar - Version: KB

oh geez...
This might be the silliest mod I've ever seen lol. Pretty good though ;)