The Demon Hunter

Submitted by EraAlabel on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 17:40
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The Demon Hunter

Created by EraAlabel on 07/08/2019. This is the second mod I have uploaded on MCreator, and is still in early development, so a lot of things may not work as intended. Remember to follow my Twitter (EraAlabelMC) for frequent updates about the mod's development. There is a lot planned for this mod, however it (probably) won't be as big as KobaltKraft.

Please use my Twitter (linked) to tell me about any bugs, problems or recommendations about the mod!


The Demon Hunter adds:

-6 New Tools!

-5 New Weapons!

-2 New Armours!

-4 New Blocks!

-7 New Items!

-2 New Mobs!

-1 New Boss!


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Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

v1.0.1 (09/08/19):

  • Added The Demon King (Boss).
  • Added Satanic Spike (Weapon).
  • Added Satanic Mesh (Material).
  • Added Satanic Conjurer (Summoning Block).
  • Added Demon Plating (Block and Material).
  • Updated how ores spawn.
  • Updated how mobs spawn.
  • Added Hellstone Armour Set.
  • Added Demonic Armour Set.
  • Added Demonic Tools.
  • Changed the Hardness of some blocks.

pls add shadow mimic,vodoo demon,hellbat,lava slime,Wall of Flesh, and the other mobs kappa
that was a joke

Satanic Conjurer, Yeah I want one of thoses in my life.

P.s Emo Kermit, nice mod.