The Demon Hunter

Published by EraAlabel on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 17:40
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The Demon Hunter

Created by EraAlabel on 07/08/2019. This is the second mod I have uploaded on MCreator, and is still in development, so a few of things may not work as intended. This is my biggest mod thus far, and I still have a lot planned.

Important note: I don't take credit for many of the textures I used in this mod (I edited only some of them slightly to have a more "demonic" texture).

The Demon Hunter adds:

-120+ Mod Elements!

-6 New Achievements!

-7 New Tools!

-6 New Weapons!

-3 New Armours!

-10 New Blocks!

-12 New Items!

-2 New Potions!

-3 New Mobs!

-1 New Boss!

-2 New Biomes!

-1 New Structure!

-1 New Dimension!

Modification files
The Demon Hunter Mod v1.1.1.jarUploaded on: 08/25/2019 - 15:58   File size: 343.66 KB
The Demon Hunter Mod v1.1.2.jarUploaded on: 08/25/2019 - 20:48   File size: 339.56 KB
The Demon Hunter Mod v1.1.3.jarUploaded on: 08/26/2019 - 19:03   File size: 363.2 KB

v1.1.0 (22/08/19):

The Largest Update yet includes:

  • Added 1 New Mob! (Hellhound)
  • Added 1 New Dimension! (The Demon Realm)
  • Added 2 New Biomes! (Scorched Forest and Dead Plains, both found in The Demon Realm)
  • Added Particle Effects to The Demon King.
  • Added 6 New Blocks! (Demon Portal Plating, Demon Dirt, Demon Grass, Demon Stone, Scorched Planks and Scorched Wood)
  • Added 1 New Armour Set! (Satanic Armour)
  • Demons now drop Demon Portal Plating, used to create a portal to The Demon Realm.
  • Buffed Hellstone Armour and Demonic Armour.
  • Nerfed Messenger of The King's Health from 11 to 8.
  • Added 2 New Foods! (Hound Flesh and Cooked Hound Flesh)
  • Added 1 New Structure! (Demon Temple, where a broken portal is found...)
  • Added Hellstone Igniter.
  • Renamed "A Demon's Tri-Blade" to "Demon Tri-Blade".
  • Buffed the Damages of Fiery Greatsword, Demonic Hellblade, Satanic Spike and Demon Tri-Blade.
  • Added 1 New Achievement! (King Slayer)
  • Fixed the Efficiencies of Hellstone and Demonic Tools.
  • Changed the Spawning of Hellstone and Demonic Ore.


v1.1.1 (25/08/19):

  • Changed how Ancient Demon Strongholds spawn.
  • Changed Fiery Greatsword's recipe.
  • Renamed "Hellish Sword Hilt" to "Demonic Sword Hilt".
  • Buffed Hellstone and Demonic Armour.
  • Buffed the damages of Fiery Greatsword, Demonic Hellblade and Satanic Spike.
  • Changed Demonic Armour's recipe.
  • Added 2 New achievements! ("An Even More Hellish Substance" and "The Most Hellish Of All").
  • Changed how achievement "King Slayer" is obtained.
  • [Removed some assets, making the mod size smaller.].


v1.1.2 (25/08/19)

  • Mob spawners for Demons and Hellhound can now be found in Ancient Demon Strongholds.

Yeah that's pretty much it.


v1.1.3 (26/08/19) (Current)

  • Fixed the recipe for Demonic Boots.
  • Added 1 new weapon! (Hell Bane, which is the strongest weapon in the game and currently unobtainable in Survival Mode).
  • Added 1 new potion! (Hellstone Potion)
  • Added 5 new items! (Hellstone Dust, Hell Bane's Pommel, Hell Bane's Guard, Hell Bane's Blade and Hell Bane's Grip).

pls add shadow mimic,vodoo demon,hellbat,lava slime,Wall of Flesh, and the other mobs kappa
that was a joke

If there are any problems, please report it to me via Twitter. (@EraAlabelMC)