Ghost World Mod

Published by Meemaster on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 23:51
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The Ghost World

This mod revolves around an all new dimension, the Ghost World.

Inside the Ghost World, you can find some new mobs, like the Hauntwalker, and the Blood Worm.

Explore the Ghost World's many biomes, such as the Ghost Lake and Haunt biomes. You might even find epic loot!

In the Overworld, you can find Shrines, which, on activation, summon a new Boss, the Hauntfather!

This mod adds 19 new blocks, 55 new items, 10 new mobs, a new boss, 29 new Advancements, and 78 new crafting recipes!

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  • Added Advancements!
  • Added Shadow Outposts and their inhabitants...


  • Added the Hauntstalker
  • Added Haunt Silk and Haunt Weave
  • Added Hauntweave Armor
  • Added the Soul Tome
  • The Hauntfather now spawns with Hauntsoldiers instead of Hauntwalkers
  • Changed how the Hauntfather and Hauntwalkers summon more Hauntwalkers.

Not a version number but it happened anyway:

  • Fixed some typos
  • We have a forum page now!


  • Added the Blood Wormling
  • Added crafting recipes for Chicken, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, and Villager spawn eggs
  • Added the Blood Imbuement Table
  • Added Imbued Blood
  • Added Blood Tools
  • Added a new Structure
  • Added the Sea Soul
  • Added the Blood Gem
  • Decreased the spawn rate of Shrines and buffed the Hauntfather


  • Squashed several bugs! Yay!


  • Added the Hauntfather
  • Added Shrines
  • Added Soul Plate
  • Added the Blood Biome
  • Added Blood Drops, Blood Fruit, Blood Bloom, Blood Generator, Blood Orb, Blood Conversion Table, and Sacrificial Knife
  • Added the Blood Worm
  • Added the Quartz Construct
  • Graves no longer spawn in the Haunt Biome.


  • Added Ghostilite Ore and Tools
  • Changed Ghost Key recipe (it now requires ghostilite nuggets)
  • Changed Ghost Portal recipe (it now requires ghostilite blocks)
  • Added the Earth Soul
  • Added new structures and variants of existing ones
  • Changed the screenshots (these ones were taken with night vision)

1.0.1: Fixed a bug where ghost sticks were not required to craft ghost tools.

1.0: Released!

Wow Coller Mod. Can you also develop or copy the mod for version 1.7.10?

Nice mod :)
It's hard to see the screenshots though, they're quite dark.

It seems a good mod, but the screenshots are a bit too dark to be seen