Minecraft Plus

Published by GtopVaughn on Tue, 08/27/2019 - 04:18
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this adds a whole other area of Minecraft with:

-a brand new biome with a new structure and a new mob, the Undead monarch

-two new dimensions, one with two new mobs and the other with a ore you can find to summon the boss

-one new boss, herobrine, who will be terribly difficult to beat, but it is worth it because once you do, you get un-imaginable power

-another new structure in the dessert

-obsidian pickaxe, a new ore (found in the end), a new sword, a new pick, and a new armor set

-a whole new story for you to enjoy and hopefully play with in the future

with Minecraft PLUS

Project status
In development
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Modification files
xfdds.jar - the mod328.84 KB

Nice :)
Please can you add some screenshots though?
Also a little more detail in the description would be nice.