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(mod is closed, go away)

TeretoCraft is a mod, consisting of my ideas. (and this mod is my version of RaolCraft Omega)

Mod contain:

-10 New dimensions

-22 New items

-Four new ores

-6 new mobs

-1 Boss

-3 new biomes

-2 new potions


About items and mobs:

Users - Items,that use power of element

Burnt - zombie,that swim in lava

Fire Creeper - original creeper with another texture

Water bug - annoying bug,he is chase you in water dimension

Gravel slime - wip and maybe deleted in the future

Rideable zombie - kind zombie,he will help you 

Energy zombie - very fast zombie, you too slow for him

Whiter - main boss,he use power of users to make him strong

Bottles - potions that give you a lot of effects

Magmice - magic item, used to make more items

Magmoce - just lava

Reddy - magic item, it used for make something firely

Reddoser - something like a sword, can faster destroy red blocks

Summoner - item that whiter made to summon strong mobs

Whiter mana - mana from whiter

Whiter wand - wand used to use some blocks

Project members
Lead developer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Teretocraft_v_1.3.0.jar - 1.3.0 BETA!779.33 KB
Teretocraft_v_1.3.1.jar - 1.3.1 792.45 KB
Teretocraft_v_1.4.0_0.jar - 1.4.0857.32 KB
TeretoCraft-v.1.5.0.v1.12.2.jar - 1.5.0 mana update2.16 MB


First version of mod


-Added recipes for users


-Some update


-Some update


-Added gravel user,dimension and slime

-Added new gravel


-Recipe for gravel user


-Added waterstone

-Added Water Bug

-Added Teretedcraft (my own crafting table)


-Deleted Obsidian Gold Block

-Added GUI for Teretedcraft

-Added russian and half italian translate


-Added rideable zombie

-Added magmice stairs and fence

-Added bottles

-Added comedy potion

-Added explosive potion


-Now in BETA!

-Added all dimensions what i wanted to add

-Removed annoying gravel flower

-Added Boss

-Added orange biome

-Added pig biome

-Added reddy and his ore\

-Edited texture of water ore


-My mod is celebrating minecon, so i added command minecon2019

-Added energy zombie

-Renamed lava zombie to burnt


-Added something like a sword

-Added reddy armor

-Added summoner

-Added more recipes

-Added reddy block

-Added myth1


-added whiter mana

-added whiter wand

-edited recipe of teretedcraft

-added creative tab for my mod

-added more advancements

-renamed myth1 to whiter legend

-added whiter pearl and whiter pearl block

-added more recipes

-now you need whiter wand to use some blocks

-edited recipe of water user

-added whiter brewery

Nice mod :)
A few more screenshots would be nice (showing the dimensions for example), but they aren't necessary.

if you mean fix mob textures, i don't how to make better textures. If you mean fix block textures, i'm not very good textures maker. But, if you mean fix item textures, i can do this. (i think i need to fix everything)

I'm glad my mod inspired you, but you don't have to put me in the credits just because of the inspiration :)
(RaolCraft itself was inspired on dozens of other mods...)