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Published by OAW61 on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 15:22
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This mod adds lots of crafting recipes and just a few new items ! If you want to craft saddles, name tags, horse armor, or even TOTEMS OF UNDYING , this mod is for you !!

You can use Just Enough Items to make things easier but every crafting recipe is here in the description


Fell free to tell me any suggestions, ideas or changes I should make !

I hope you enjoy the mod...


CurseForge page :




Recipe for Bedrock, soulsand, gravel, end portal and another recipe for jukebox !


Classic uncraftable stuff is now craftable !


Make a rotten ball and cook it to get slime. Cook rotten flesh to get leather bits. Combine for of them to get a piece of leather.


Smelt diamond tools and armor to get nuggets and craft them into diamonds (just like iron and gold).


Chainmail armor recipe is here ! (now safe from fire). Just craft chain links and combine them with some iron..


Craft water and lava and combine them for obsidian (no diamond pickaxe needed).


Craft spider webs (to troll your friends), grass blocks and mushroom blocks !


Every single music disc has a recipe. Just make a blank disc and add colors !


Wow! Epic loot and precious treasure now available to craft !


Every single ore is craftable.. Place those diamonds on traps to trick your enemies..


Smelt redstone to get glowstone, craft blaze rods, ghast tears and finally get rid of those poisonous potatoes !


Make coal nuggets to craft individual torches and make compressed block of coal from coal blocks !


Easy flint, mycelium craft, smelt sticky piston to get piston and smelt eye of ender to get enderpearl (added in 1.1)



(also a secret advancement for the most curious of you..)


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Its not like if this mod already have been made, but cool in fact
But... Totems of Endying are a trophy, if you can craft it, no need to visit a mansion -_-

Well, yes but they are really hard to make... Visiting a mansion can give you 1 to 3 totems but no more. Raids can give you the most ! Plus, visiting a mansion isn't only for that, there's a lot of fun rooms to explore and secrets to find

You're right, but you are playing mods, so you can decide which mods fit your playstyle. If you don't like it, just don't download it.
It don't like to craft items that are supposed to be unique rewards either, but maybe the author created this mod because when you are playing modded minecraft you don't really have all the time to find all the vanilla loot.

better than most recipe mods! Could you upload it to curse forge so that I can use it in my modpack?