World Of Biomes

Published by NikG on Fri, 10/11/2019 - 16:31
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Hi there, welcome to World of Biomes Mod page.

This mod add a lot of things to the Minecraft.

Biomes in Overworld:

Tundra Biome (image on page)

Steppe Biome (image on page)

Mountains Biome (image on page)

Stone Desert Biome (image on page)

Dryed Forest Biome

Peat Swamp Biome

Tropical Forest Biome (that isn't copy of jungle)

Marble Mountains Biome

Magic Forest Biome

Ores and item which made from ores:

Platinum Ore, Platinum Armor and Tools. Can be found in the Reld

Erafrake Ore, Erafrake Armor and Tools. Can be found in the Ancient Dimension

Clorre Ore, Chlorre Armor and Tools. Can be found in the Saad

Bloodium Ore, Bloodium Armor. Can be found in the Godly Caverns

Abyssium Ingot. Made in Alchemical Furnace from Erafrake Ingot, Popped Chorus Fruit, Lightshroom and Coal Block. Need for Cursed Blade

Primary Ingot. Made in Alchemical Furnace from Platinum Ingot, Grayshroom and Primary Material in two different slots. Need for Primary Blade

Lunarium Ingot. Drop from Cultist



Ancient Dimension


Godly Caverns

Worm Dimension (WIP)

Special Weapons:

Piggy Book. Drop from Hogd. Range weapon. Use your hunger and HP as ammo

Spider Gun. Drop from Goldd. Range weapon. Use Spider Bullets.

Reldcrush. Drop from Relddir. Multitool

Shrekwreck. Drop from Shrek. Multitool

Cry Wand. Drop from Blinded. Range weapon

Godgun. Drop from Calamitas. Range weapon. Use Bloodium bullets.

Soul Catcher. Drop from Calamitas. Melee weapon. Hold Pure Vessel in second hand to catch mob's soul with 0,5% chanse when mob hurt with Soul Catcher.

Great Godly Sword. Drop from Ascended.

Sword of Dreaming. (WIP)

Ark of Gods. Final Sword in mod.

Special Armor

Lightning Boots

Rage Helmet. Can be created at Erafrake Anvil from 16 Primary Ingots, 16 Abyssium Ingots and 16 Primary Material

Godly Crown. Drop from Calamitas. Wear it at night to get God's rage on you


Cultist. Can be summoned when Lunar Cage broken (find special structure)

Relddir. Can be summoned when Relddir Lamp broken (find special structure in Reld)

The Steviest. Can be summoned with little chanse when mob killed in Ancient Dimension.

Blinded. Can be summoned when Strange Cage broken (find special structure in Saad)

Calamitas. Can be summoned with Suspicious Looking Plate at Calamitas Altar (find special structure in Godly Caverns)

Ascended. Final Boss.

Mooooooond, Hogd and Goldd. Can be found in special dungeons in overworld.

Secret Boss. Can be summoned with Wall_Breaker.exe

Special Blocks (with GUI):

Erafrake Anvil

Alchemical Furnace

Pure Altar

Primary Transformer (WIP)


There is a lot of thing what haven't descriptions on page because of simplicity

Mod add some structures in Overworld, so that is some kind of surprise for you

There is new advancements tree and some kind of plot.

Also World of Biomes explain some things from Minecraft like Steve.


Mod still in development, so that will be great if give me some ideas for Worm Dimension filling.

Modification files
worldofbiomes_1.0.1_1.12.2.jar - Version MB
worldofbiomes_1.0.2_1.12.2.jar - Version MB




This is a pretty nice mod! I do want to ask how I remove boss-provided effects, because I just summoned a few in and can't get rid of them.

Nice! I recommend changing the grass color of the Steppe and maybe Tundra, to make it more different from other existing biomes