New biomes, weapon, Recipies and houses

Published by matbot on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 06:57
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New Biomes:

Magic Fairy Forest, shoot down the Fairies for a surprise.

Spooky Halloween Forest

Evergreen Emerald Forest

New enemies:


New deadly speed zombie

New black creeper

New NPCs

Friendly ridable cute creeper

Heart health healing girl


Small hidden Treehouses scattered throughout the lands

New Large modern ranch style house, 2 story house. This mod spawns 500 of these houses randomly within 1,000,000 blocks in your world. Nicely spread out, perfect for safe houses for exploration.

New Weapon

A magic diamond staff that kills by fire

New Recipes:

Boiled Eggs - 1 egg + 1 bowl

Scrambled Eggs -  3 eggs + 1 bowl

Pumpkin Pie - 3 pumpkins + 1 bowl

Spaghetti - 1 cooked beef + 1 wheat + 1 bowl



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Always updating, adding new enemies, biomes, recipies, creatures, etc.

Nice :)
I'd recommend combining this and your Modern House into one mod page, that way you don't have tons of pages for very small mods when one could work just as well.

You can just move in here if you want, it is too easy. Can you add some mob spawners around here?