New biomes, weapon, Recipies and houses

Published by matbot on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 06:57
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New Biomes:

Magic Fairy Forest, shoot down the Fairies for a surprise.

Spooky Halloween Forest

Evergreen Emerald Forest

New enemies:


New deadly speed zombie

New black creeper

New NPCs

Friendly ridable cute creeper

Heart health healing girl


Small hidden Treehouses scattered throughout the lands

New Large modern ranch style house, 2 story house. This mod spawns 500 of these houses randomly within 1,000,000 blocks in your world. Nicely spread out, perfect for safe houses for exploration.

New Weapon

A magic diamond staff that kills by fire

New Recipes:

Boiled Eggs - 1 egg + 1 bowl

Scrambled Eggs -  3 eggs + 1 bowl

Pumpkin Pie - 3 pumpkins + 1 bowl

Spaghetti - 1 cooked beef + 1 wheat + 1 bowl



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Always updating, adding new enemies, biomes, recipies, creatures, etc.

Nice :)
I'd recommend combining this and your Modern House into one mod page, that way you don't have tons of pages for very small mods when one could work just as well.