Caves Plus

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Caves Plus is a mod based on upgrading caves.

I have tried to make caves as interesting as i can.

There is a Trailer


This mod adds 2 new types of stone.

Marble and Purple Granite.

You can make Marble Bricks from Marble and Smooth Purple Granite from Purple Granite.

These 2 blocks have their own biome, The Marble Desert/Bone Fields and The Purple Granite Forest.


The new biomes


There are also (As you can see in the pictures) Stalagmites and stalactites.

Each biome theme has their own Types of stone and Stalagmites/Stalactites.



There are 3 new ranged weapons and one new wand.

The crystal wand is very powerfull but is very expensive as well.

The 3 new ranged weapons are poison sticks.
They are sticks with a layer of Scorpion poison (Crafted with a Scorpion Stinger)

Scorpion stingers can be obtained by killing scorpions.

The Queen scorpion and Emperor scorpion Both drop a different stinger (Their poison is stronger)

Scorpions are also biome themed.



That's not it but i'll let you find out the mod's secrets.

Beware of dangerous dungeons ;) 


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How did you add emission to certain textures? (scorpions)

you could make biome based slime that dropped slime balls that if different uses

Add some new ore, that would be sick.
Maybe even a new boss.
Also what do you use for modelling?