Pigeon's Sillies | Dual Version Update

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Welcome to Pigeon's Sillies!

Pigeon's Sillies is an exploration-based mod intended to be balanced, interesting, and most importantly, silly. Over ten charismatic new mobs to interact with. A number of custom-content achievements. Four awe-inspiring biomes to explore, and three brand-new original dimensions to enter! Over ten new edible foods to satisfy the cuboid palate. 


  • Altine - Rare chunky psuedo-organic material usually present at high altitudes. All-around crafting ingredient and especially favored for its reliable use as a handle.  
  • Esper - Ancient semantic "glitch" caused by the intersection of exotic materials through reality. As such, materials made from it have unusual properties relating to the values of names and identities.
  • Negite - Mineral that only appears to form in certain low-temperature environments. While limited as a crafting material on its own, it can be crafted with iron to create
  • Cold Iron - An alloy well-known for its properties against Blazes. While tools made from this material are considerably weak, some of them can freeze Blazes solid.  
  • Eglantite - Novel dopamine-based compound which appears all across the World of Laughter. Generally unsuitable as a tool ingredient but effective as a healer.



  • Crispy Forest - Rather dry here. The transient ecosystem that forms when when a forest meets a savanna..            
  • Range - The floating plants that are found here cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Must have been used as a burial site by Villagers because Skeletal Villagers tend to appear here very often at night.
  • Trees a Thousand - Terrific old-growth forest. Rather cold, and mountainous formations make travelling an interesting challenge.
  • Parking Lot - Blacktop-covered travesty. Made by a civilization that existed long ago to store precious artifacts called "cars". Creatures made from roadkill live here.



  • Blood Zone - Dimension entirely made from O-positive blood, used as a risky transport system by ancient beaver magicians. Vibrant blood-based ecology; Be wary of defensive White Blood Cells. Get there and back by making a vortex from Blood Vortex Frames. Inspired by the upcoming strategy game Songs of the Eons.
  • World of Laughter - Artificial noöspheric construct reliant on concepts related to joy. Strange creatures live here but none of them are hostile. Get here by creating a Dream of a Better World and then eating the Angel Meat made from it. Return by eating a Hard Truth.
  • The Conway - Plane of existence unaffiliated with ours. Native phenomena always colored from black and white. Travel to and from by crafting Entrance to the Conway and Exit from the Conway. Tip: Detect the edges of the island by using Splash Potions of Water.
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Pigeons_Sillies_1_5_5_112.jar - This mod is for version 1.12. I hope you enjoy it!1.56 MB
Pigeons_Sillies_1_5_5_114.jar - This mod is for version 1.14. I hope you enjoy it!1.56 MB
  • 1.0 – Pigeon's Sillies was released. A childhood dream came true. 
  • 1.1 – A new mob was added. New materials were added. Several recipes were changed and optimized.
  • 1.2 – Many new changes. Mobs were added, optimized. Conway dimension was added; Conway sigil system implemented. Wonderwoods added at cost of removing Range; worthy sacrifice. Parking Lot made flatter. 
  • 1.2.5 – Critical update for version 1.2.0. Range re-added, improved. Brittle Freak remade into Agitated Carapace. Platform now spawns in Conway on dimension entry; No more Elytra needed. 
  • 1.3 – World of Laughter created. Travel by eating Angel Meat which drops from a Dream of a Better World. Go back with Hard Truth. Crabgrass retextured. Block, item balancing. 
  • 1.4 – Mezuzahs added; ward evil from home. Bunkers added: three types. Mouse added which lives in rare Mouse House. Skeletal Villager added. New machine to generate Esper from quartz. Some items renamed. Achievements added.
  • 1.5 – Texture changes. Added crocus bulbs. Added one new dimension, new overworld biome. Many miscellaneous changes. Skeletal Villager less common. Teeth now part of gameplay.
  • 1.5.5 – Dual versioning from hereon. Primary differences between versions modwise:

           • Weapons in 1.12 aren't as strong as in 1.14.

           • Parking Lots in 1.12 are not as crowded as in 1.14.

Inverser added; swap some black-white blocks back and forth. Blood Crocus, Crisplion added. Altite renamed to Altine. 

What was the point of removing the range there was surely space for 3 biomes

Structures that spawned in the Range consisted of leaves detached from a main woody base. This caused all the leaves to rapidly decay the moment they were generated. While regrettable, I do intend to eventually implement an improved version of the Range.

I would recomend you add a hostile mob to the wonder woods dimension