Apple Mod!!

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Project status
In development
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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod container 40 apples diferents!!
-Apple Apple

-Apple Arrow

-Apple Beacon

-Apple Bedrock

-Apple Beef

-Apple Cooked Beef

-Apple Book

-Apple Bucket Lava

-Apple Bucket Water

-Apple Bucket Milk

-Apple Bucket

-Apple Cake

-Apple Chicken

-Apple Porkchop

-Apple Cooked Porkchop

-Apple Diamond

-Apple Emerald

-Apple Ender Eye

-Apple Experience

-Apple Feather

-Apple Fermented Spider Eye

-Apple Fire Charge

-Apple Glass

-Apple Glowstone

-Apple Lucky

-Apple Melon

-Apple Poisonous Potato

-Apple Pumpkin

-Apple Rotten Flesh

-Apple Stick

-Apple Carrot

-Apple Enderpearl

-Apple Fish

-Apple Flint

-Apple Flower Pot

-Apple Ice

-Apple Minecart

-Apple Slime

-Apple Golden Medium

-Apple Notch!

Modification files
Apple Mod- 1.14.4.jar - This mod contains 40 different apples !! ; the mod is in beta ;if you want to help just go to the comment box and write errors 197.34 KB