Swamp Botany Mod

Published by Nachitus on Sun, 03/08/2020 - 20:04
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Swamp botany

VERSION: 1.12.2

LANGUAGE: Spanish/Español

Swamp botany is a mod that will allow us to explore a new type of biome, the swampy Forest. In this biome we will find new plants, blocks and objects and even sakura trees. Through the use of new plants we will obtain medicines that we can use for our own benefit.


Crafts (Part 1): https://youtu.be/rt5SbYpl1uk

Crafts (Part 2): https://youtu.be/9OFHB2xv5K0

Plants and Pots: https://youtu.be/UOj1QeaYMl4


The walkthrough of this update is available at this link:


UPDATE 1.3.1

The walkthrough of this update is available at this link:


Thanks to the people who supported the mod and downloaded it. Version 1.3.1 is available.

Sorry for my bad english! I speak spanish.


UPDATE 1.3.4

You can use Just Enough Items to learn the recipes:

Download JEI: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei/files/2691438










Special tables, new recipes:



Modification files
Botanicraft_El_Pantano(Release1.3.4)_MC1.12.2.jar - [Latest Version] (MC 1.12.2)1.53 MB
Botanicraft_El_Pantano(Release1.3.1)_MC1.12.2_0.jar - Version 1.3.1 (MC 1.12.2)997.12 KB
Botanicraft_El_Pantano(Release1.2)_MC1.12.2.jar - Version 1.2 (MC 1.12.2)860.27 KB
Botanicraft_El_Pantano(Release1.1)_MC1.12.2.jar - Version 1.1 (MC 1.12.2)5.59 MB

Release 1.1
  • Added biome: Swampy Forest.
  • Added new plants.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added medicine.

Release 1.2
  • Added 3 plants.
  • Added honey and honeycomb system.
  • Added advanced cooking recipe system.
  • Changed some textures.

Release 1.3.1
  • New weapons added.
  • Added items.
  • Added blocks.

Release 1.3.4
  • New weapons added.
  • Added items.
  • Added blocks.
  • Added guitar (It plays music).


The textures look really good! The grass does kinda look a bit weird but overall it looks great!

I always love a good nature mod, keep up the good work!