Astral world

Published by Mr_Zugibol on Mon, 03/09/2020 - 08:19
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Minecraft Forge mod
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If you like MMORPGs, then you do not want to miss this modification. It uses a unique progressive system based on drawings of tools, animals, armor and weapons. They can be found in search of treasures. They can be used to create and update tools.

And so this mod adds:
another dimension

All weapons are 3D models that are very carefully designed. Some weapons have non-standard effects.
Armor is also in 3D and has different effects.
Monsters are astral monsters who rejoiced with the help of pagan magic, they come across only in the astral plane.
The astral is another dimension where the ship with the boss meets you. This world is similar to End but with many other biomes. Just there the dungeons are found and they are diverse.






















I am Russian-speaking person, therefore, may contain errors in names.


Modification files
Astral_world_0.0.9.4_1.14.4.jar - +Ice blocks; +mob; +mount; ...12.65 MB

That's sounds like hype) a day will Pass and your mod will definitely become the mod of the week. Such detailed textures and models. I would like to learn this , but maybe I using the wrong program like Techne. In General , I wish you success, but your mod will definitely be successful

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :D

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