Published by Fredzik on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 15:28
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New version here!


In this mod you can find:


Wand with various spells. This is just a bunch of them!


Some new blocks including 2 crafting stations.


Charms (replaced artifacts) - helpful magical items.


New endgame tools and armor.

New pet - still WIP, so don't expect it perfect working.




Meteor Fall




If you have ideas or suggestions, share them in comments.


This mod is not finished yet. You can suggest me what should I add to my mod.

Anyway, it's survival compatibile, so you can play now!

Ritual Example

An example of a ritual

Plans for the future:

- more spells (if you have ideas, share them in comments),

- maybe magical dungeons you can enter by  a special teleporter block, it will have a boss (ideas needed ;) ).

I want to make it really good and with sense to not ruin the mod,

 - more rituals such as mob summoning, changing weather etc.

Also check my Curseforge project for details:

I hope you enjoyed my mod!

Modification files
ArcaneCraft-v1.0.2.jar - Fixed some wand rituals2.01 MB
ArcaneCraft-v1.0.7.jar - Fixed Ender Warp wand model2.05 MB

Release v1.0.6

Bugfix - missing ENDER WARP WAND

replaced artifacts with charms

Oh I forgot. How about cursed artifact: It gives something, but decreases max HP/inflicts permanent debuff. To decrease a player's max HP apply Health Boost buff and make the number -2 or lower. -1 doesn't change anything, -2 takes away 2 hearts.

Good news! This boi from my profile pic coming in next update!

What do you mean early stage? It looks like it's in best stage! Just look at those textures! They look so good! Especially the Dragon Wing and the sword that was in the image in your inventory! This really deserves MOTW!

Thank you! Early stage means here that this mod will be much bigger because I still want ideas and I know this mod will have more things. But you're right that it's not that early stage so I will delete this sentence in next update...

Hey Fred. Can i help you with some deco blocks like: table, some magic trees and wood from it, some lights or something in magic style?