Between World

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Between World is a variety mod that adds aspects of combat, adventure and technology. (Keep in mind that the mod is in early development and more is going to be added). Between World adds four new classes of tools and armor, two new mobs, a new post-Nether dimension for the brave and several other things, with a new set of advancements to help guide you through the content this mod offers. Please give any suggestions you might have and report any bugs you find, advice is greatly appreciated!

Below I will list the new content in greater detail:


Clear Glass-

Clearer Glass. Craft with glass in a Blast Furnace.


Stone Shards-

Craft this simple tool to defend yourself if you are out of wood. Only needs stone and flint!


Peat Sand Desert-

The Peat Sand Desert is a new biome, resembling a desert but containing the new Peat Sand block.


Mortar and Pestle, Dusts-

Craft the new Mortar and Pestle to make dusts of several materials, then combine them to form alloys!


Copper and Tin-

Tin is a very common ore, and cannot be found deep inside mines. The tools and armor it makes are incredibly poor, having low durability and the same mining level as stone. Copper is just as efficient as Tin, but has superior durability and a high enchantibility. It can be found deeper in caves than Tin in many cases.



By combining the dusts of Copper and Tin and smelting it in a Blast Furnace you can form Bronze. Bronze has the same efficiency as Iron, but has superior durability and armor protection. Bronze also has insanely high enchantability, even beating out Gold, so it is very cheap to get good enchantments on Bronze armor and tools.



You can smelt steel mix, which is made out of iron, flint and coal, in a Blast Furnace to make steel ingots which can be used to make steel weapons and armor. They are better than iron, but have a low enchantability.


Ember Buds, Between World-

Craft 8 Blaze Powder with a Diamond and strike it onto a mossy cobblestone portal frame to create a portal to the new dimension: the Between World. The mobs here are strong, but the rewards are worth the risk. Condensed versions of diamond, redstone and emerald ore can be found, which give double the drops and tons of experience. You can also find structures that may hold great treasures, or deadly traps. Outposts are littered throughout the dimension that can be used as a temporary base to cook your meat and heal up. This dimension is great for mining, but be prepared. Arrows and potions won't always work against the resilient mobs of the Between World.


Redstone Launcher-

This fast, powerful ranged weapon can be crafted from rare materials. It uses redstone as ammunition.



You can find rubber bushes in Jungles, which will give you raw rubber. Two of these under a hammer in a Crafting Table will give you one Rubber Sheet.



New in the the 1.2 update are multiple multi-block machines to build! These machines are the Plastic Synthesizer, Cobblestone Generator, Obsidian Generator and Diamond Generator, and the Energizer and Advanced Energizer. If any of these machines reach full capacity in their output slot, they'll explode, so be careful.


Plastic Synthesizer-

This machine is used to make Unfired Plastic out of Blaze Powder and Rubber Sheets. You can then cook the Unfired Plastic in a Blast Furnace to make Plastic, which is needed for Computer Chips.

To make this machine place a Plastic Synthesizer, then place Synthesizing Fluid above it and an Energizer with a Redstone signal above that. Every four seconds one Blaze Powder and one Rubber Sheet will be consumed to form Unfired Plastic.


Cobblestone Generator-

This machine uses one Lava block on the left of the machine, one Water block on the right and a powered Energizer on top to create cobblestone every three seconds.


Obsidian Generator-

This machine uses the same requirements as the Cobblestone Generator but makes Obsidian instead. It creates one every eight seconds.


Diamond Generator-

This machine requires eight Coal Blocks in the input slot, Lava on each side of the machine and a powered Advanced Energizer on the top. If these conditions are met in one minute it will consume the Coal Blocks and the Lava to create one Diamond.



This machine uses Flint Dust, Blaze Powder and any form of Copper or Tin to create their Iron equivalents.


Combustion Furnace-

This machine uses Blaze Powder as fuel, and is able to smelt ores into double the ingots! It's also able to smelt Iron, Copper and Tin dusts.


Here are images of the machine setups in the order that they were introduced (Note that the glass isn't necessary to make machine function, just to keep liquid from spilling):

(Note that lava missing in bottom picture of Diamond Generator should be added back to function. Lava was removed for visibility)

Full Plastic Synthesizer structure

Full Cobblestone Generator structure

Full Obsidian Generator structure

Full Diamond Generator structure (One Lava block removed for better demonstration, this Lava block is necessary for the machine to function. Also remember an Advanced Energizer is necessary))

Ferrouizer Machine

Combustion Furnace Machine

Modification files
BetweenWorld (v1.0).jar - Between World version 1.0249.98 KB
BetweenWorld (v1.1)_0.jar - Between World version 1.1397.36 KB
BetweenWorld (v1.2).jar - Between World version 1.2710.78 KB
BetweenWorld (v1.25).jar - Between World version 1.25911.97 KB

Version 1.1-

  • Added Copper tools, armor, block, ore and dust.
  • Added Tin tools, armor, block, ore and dust.
  • Added Bronze tools, armor, block and dust.
  • Changed the texture of Peat Sand.
  • Added new Peat Sand Desert biome.
  • Steel can now be made in a blast furnace.
  • Multiple advancements reworked and renamed.

Version 1.2-

  • Added Clear Glass.
  • Added Energizer and Advanced Energizer.
  • Added Rubber, Rubber Bushes, Unfired Plastic and Plastic.
  • Added Plastic Synthesizer, Cobblestone Generator, Obsidian Generator and Diamond Generator.
  • Added Synthenizing Fluid. This replaces Lava in the Between World.
  • Added new Advancements for the Technology items/blocks.
  • Changed recipe for Redstone Cannon and reduced its damage.

Version 1.25-

  • Fixed multiple recipes.
  • Changed recipe for Ember Infused Diamond due to bug involving Ember Flowers not spawning.
  • Added Combustion Furnace and Ferrouizer.