M's Vanilla Expansion

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Minecraft Forge mod
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M's Vanilla Expansion

This mod is in beta and may not function as intended!

  • Ores and Blocks
    • Amethyst!

      • A new ore, rarer and better than diamond!

    • Jade!

      • The ores for totems! Jungle exclusive!

    • Aquamarine!

      • Found in the seven seas of Minecraft and is even better than Amethyst!

    • Junglestone

      • A decorative stone found in the jungles of Minecraft

  • Weapons

    • Aquamarine and Amethyst tools

      • Are better than diamond

    • Slimeshot

      • Throws sticky slimeballs that slow enemies

  • Dimensions

    • Betweenlands

      • A hellish dimension with a new secret mob...

  • Potions

    • Potion of stunning

      • An uncraftable potion that stuns your enemies!

Modification files
MVanillaExpansionBeta1.1.2.jar - Download the newest version now!281.34 KB
MVanillaExpansion1.15test.jar - The 1.15 test that is currently in beta269.21 KB
  • 1.15 Test: Support for 1.15, removed stunning potions because of bugs
  • Beta 1.1.0! A new hellish dimension, and potions of stunning! Download it now!
  • Beta 1.0.0 (re) Reuploaded the game
  • Beta 1.0.0 Added slimeshots and uploaded the game!