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Pretty self explanatory, adds a new Volcano biome to the game, along with a Causeway biome that generates in similar fashion but underwater.

The biome's surface is made up of pumice (the black block) and rock (the gray block), both craftable into stairs, slabs and walls along with occasionally lava and magma too. The terrain is very rough, tall and varied, creating many thin lava streams around the area.

Lemme know if you have any ideas or find any bugs :D This is a small mod I knocked out in a day so I probably won't update it unless there are any severe problems or I get a good idea.

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Volcanoes_v1.0.jar - Current Best90.6 KB

it's weird, but i actually think this is better than your featured mod (oh wait that's biased).
i love volcano biomes, i REALLY love your textures, and the biome generation is cool. it's just a little weird how water is in a hot biome.

Lmao okay and thanx. This is my smallest mod and I chose the best textures I could to use it unlike my other ones which are somewhat hit or miss. I also get the water thing but it's actually a different biome. I originally wanted a volcano island kinda thing.

amazing mod :v

I have a question tho, how did you make the rough terrain of the volcano biomes? and also the occasional lava?