28 Chunks Later (EARLY ACCESS)

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A mod for 28 days later and 28 weeks later fans! A zombie mod that can even be used without knowledge of 28 days/28 weeks! i'm still working on this mod but so far i have:

- A new mob

- A new biome

- A new vehicle that spawns in the new biome and can be crafted

- A new ranged weapon

- Custom ammo for new weapon

- Custom recipes

- A death potion (no throwable yet)

- New "Human Leather" from smelting rotten flesh which can be used like normal leather

- New advancements

- Custom crafting items

- A custom crafting table

- A randomly generated custom structure that spawns only in the new biome


That is it so far but this mod will (hopefully) be updated often with me tinkering constantly

Modification files
28 Chunks Later 0.0.1.jar - VERY EARLY ACCESS MAY CONTAIN BUGS TELL ME SO I CAN FIX THEM!Uploaded on: 07/14/2020 - 20:50   File size: 184.54 KB

- Added mod to mcreator site