Gravestone Mod

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A simple mod that adds in gravestones!

What's in the mod?

This mod adds in gravestones into minecraft.

Gravestones glow with light level 15. They are created when a player dies. If a player dies with anything made out of diamonds, a diamond gravestones is created, instead.

Fake gravestones can be crafted. They don't give off light, and are designed for decor.

There are currently 3 gravestone types, in both standard and diamond. These gravestones are the cross grave, the tombstone, and the sign grave.

This mod has a forum page at

What can i use it in?

If i am given credit, my mod can be used in any modpack or other mod that you like!

BTW, I have used the mojang textures in this mod. However, they are very slightly altered, for legal reasons. The most bottom-right pixel is slightly lighter.

Modification files
1.0.jar - 1.O87.69 KB - The workspace, so you can use my code in your mods.70.44 KB

1.0, the release update

  • Added in cross graves, tombstones, and sign graves.
  • Added in diamond vesions of the above.
  • Graves will be placed at your location upon death.
  • Released the mod!

Nice models for decorating its cool if youre making a mod with thse types of structures you can use these models upvoted :D

Now my world is going to be riddled with grave markers :(. fun idea.. any way you would make it spawn a coffin underneath with your items in it?